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Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Program


Airfield geometry has been identified as a primary contributing factor for runway incursions. After analyzing more than six years of national runway incursion data between 2007 and 2013, we developed a preliminary inventory of locations (initial version released in July 2015) at airports where risk factors might contribute to a runway incursion. To address these existing issues, we have initiated a new comprehensive multi-year Runway Incursion Management (RIM) program to identify, prioritize, and develop strategies to help airport sponsors mitigate risk at these locations. Learn more about the RIM program.

  • RIM Location Inventory (as of 5/21/2021) (PDF)
    The FAA developed this inventory of airport locations where runway incursions (RIs) occurred, and is currently working with airports on mitigation strategies. The RI data collected from 2007-2019 indicates airport locations where three or more annual RIs occurred in a given calendar year or the location averaged at least one RI per year. As mitigation projects proceed and additional data is collected on RIs, the FAA will update this inventory as necessary.

Note: A list of the runway incursions at each airport and their severity rating of A, B, C, or D may be found in the National Runway Safety Report (PDF) and the FAA Aviation Safety and Information Analysis and Sharing website.

RIM Points of Contact
FAA Region Name
National Steve Debban
Tech Center Lauren Vitagliano
Alaskan Pat Zettler
Central Mark Schenkelberg
Eastern Dio Ramos
Great Lakes Mike Ferry
New England Barry Hammer
Northwest Mountain Cindy Hirsch
Southern Terry Washington
Southwest Lana Logan
Western-Pacific D'Lorah Small

RIM Summary Reports

RIM Program Videos


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The Runway Incursion Mitigation Program's success hinges primarily on the proper design of taxiways entering a runway. The videos below, based on our current guidance, are one source for education to that endeavor. See also Advisory Circular 150/5300-13, Airport Design, which defines, in detail, the standards described in these videos.

Airport Design Technical Videos

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