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Maintaining Non-Federally Owned Systems


Technician climbing glide scope on airfield with general aviation aircraft in the background.
Technician maintaining a glide slope.

Technicians of Record

  • Always contact your Non-Federal Program Liaison (PDF) before seeking the qualifications and credentials necessary to maintain a non-Federal system.
  • You must receive verification authority from the Non-Federal Program before maintaining any non-Federal system
  • Verification authority is system and site specific. You must receive verification authority for each type/make/model that you maintain.
  • After a system is installed, you must maintain specific records on the system's operations and maintenance.
  • Non-Federal Program personnel will regularly inspect the system(s) that you maintain.
  • For more details, refer to the Non-Federal Program's Process for Becoming a Non-Federal Technician (PDF).
  • You may also find useful information in our FAQ section.

If you do not have adequate credentials for the system you are maintaining, the FAA will shut it down.

Maintenance Documents

Suspending/Restoring System Service, and Issuing NOTAMs

Events and anomalies involving public and private-use NavAids and AWOS be coordinated with the FAA:

  • AWOS (Alaska) - Alaska Center: (907) 269-1102
  • AWOS (Non-Alaska) - NEMC SOC*: (855) FAA-NEMC
    *"NEMC SOC" is the acronym for the FAA's Network Enterprise Management Center (NEMC) System **Operations Center (SOC).
  • NavAids - OCC**: (866) 4-FAA-OCC
    **When you call (866) 4-FAA-OCC, the system will automatically route you to the appropriate OCC.

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