Non-federal Program Guidance & Policy

What Regulations, Policy Orders, & Advisory Circulars Apply to the Non-federal Program?


The FAA will not approve the design or operation of a non-federal system unless it meets the minimum requirements set forth in Title 14 CFR Part 171.

Policy Orders & Advisory Circulars

FAA Order 6700.20 establishes policy and procedures that the agency uses in regulating non-federal systems.

FAA AC 150/5220-16 establishes agency standards for non-federal AWOS.

FAA Order JO 6560.20 establishes siting criteria for non-federal AWOS. Please contact the Non-federal Program at for a copy of this order.

FAA AC 170-9A establishes criteria for assumption of ownership of non-federal systems.

FAA AC 150/5330-13 contains the FAA's standards and recommendations for the geometric layout and engineering design of runways, taxiways, aprons, and other facilities at civil airports.

FAA AC 150/5300-20 provides guidance on submitting accurate, complete on-airport proposals so the FAA can conduct an aeronautical study.


Last updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2024