USAirways 1549 (AWE1549)

FAA Air Traffic Control communications

All air traffic communications for LaGuardia tower (LGA), Teterboro tower (TEB), and the New York Tracon (N90) in the time period surrounding the accident are included below. However, most of the communications with the pilot while the aircraft was in the air are contained in the tape and transcript for the New York Tracon. All times are in Zulu time, which is the same as Greenwich Mean Time.

New York Tracon

New York Tracon audio

New York Tracon Transcript (PDF)

Teterboro tower

Teterboro Tower audio

LaGuardia tower

Clearance Delivery Position audio

Clearance Delivery Position transcript (PDF)

Ground Control Position audio

Ground Control Position transcript (PDF)

Local Control Position audio

Local Control Position transcript (PDF)

Class Bravo Airspace Position audio

Class Bravo Airspace Position transcript (PDF)

Cab Coordinator Position audio

Cab Coordinator Position transcript (PDF)

Air Traffic Information System (ATIS) audio

Air Traffic Information System (ATIS) — No transcript available.

Last updated: Monday, September 16, 2019