Radiobiology Research Team

Our Research Focus

The Radiobiology Research Team performs research on the effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation on living systems, identifies radiation hazards in the aviation environment, and studies methods of protection from such hazards.

The CARI-6 computer program, developed at the FAA's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, calculates the effective dose of galactic cosmic radiation received by an individual (based on an anthropomorphic phantom) on an aircraft flying the shortest route (a geodesic) between any two airports in the world. The program takes into account changes in altitude and geographic location during the course of a flight, as derived from the flight profile entered by the user.

The CARI-7 program replaces CARI-6 and CARI-6M. CARI-7 is available precompiled for 64-bit Windows or Linux. Users needing the source code or more options should contact us.


Last updated: Friday, October 23, 2020