Safety Attributes

Safety Attributes Overview

  • Safety Attributes are relevant and beneficial to all Certificate Holders and Applicants 
  • Managing safety can be scaled for the size, scope, and complexity of a Certificate Holder's operation
  • Incorporating Safety Attributes into a Certificate Holder or Applicant's systems, processes, and procedures is a proactive, structured approach to managing safety

What are Safety Attributes?

Safety Attributes are the qualities present in a well-designed, safety-centered system and process, helping to ensure repeatable safety performance

What are the benefits of Safety Attributes?

  • Incorporating the Safety Attributes into each system and each process increases confidence in process reliability, resulting in consistent, compliant, and safe outcomes
  • Safety Attributes are not required by regulation; however, when incorporated into a Certificate Holder's system, they help to optimize safety by identifying hazards and controlling risk

What are the seven Safety Attributes?

Safety Attribute Definition
Responsibility  A clearly identified individual who is accountable for financial and human resources to ensure the Certificate Holder's quality and safety performance 
Authority A clearly identifiable, qualified, and knowledgeable individual who effectively plans, directs, and controls resources; changes procedures; and makes key determinations including safety risk acceptance decisions
Controls The checks and restraints within a process that ensure the potential effects of risks are reduced to an acceptable level
Process Measurement A method to monitor and measure a process' outputs and performance, and identify problems, or potential problems, to take corrective action
Procedures Methods or practices that are written or unwritten, regulatory or non-regulatory, designed into a process that a Certificate Holder or Applicant uses to achieve a desired result.
Interfaces Interactions between processes that must be managed to ensure desired outcomes
Safety Ownership An individual's understanding of how their role contributes to the overall safety of the organization

What Safety Attributes resources are available?

Where can I get support or find additional information about Safety Attributes?

For additional questions and support, contact your FAA Flight Standards District Office.

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