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Have you ever been awed by the flow of flights in good or bad weather, whether you are in the window seat of an airliner or in the command seat of your own aircraft? The FAA’s Flight Program Operations team consists of highly skilled professionals work behind the scenes to make the “magic” of ensuring the performance of both ground- and space-based navigation aids to keep flights safe.

We are One Team with a Mission Focus

We want you to join our team! Flight Program Operations is the part of the FAA responsible for all aspects of program safety, administration, operations, training, and maintenance. We conduct multiple missions in FAA aircraft to provide aviation safety training; flight inspection; research, development, test and evaluation support; and critical event response/transportation.

Apply to Join Our Team

We have a wide array of employment opportunities for professionals ranging from pilots to drone operators to engineers and mechanics. 


Nobody flies the way that FAA’s Flight Program Operations does. In order to conduct flight inspections, our pilots take off and land, but they also make multiple passes at very specific altitudes in order to assess their targets. Pilots also fly as part of the research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) support and critical event response/transportation missions.

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Mission Specialists

Are you the type of person who wants to be on the airplane, but is not responsible for flying it? Then the spot for you could be at the helm of highly specialized mission equipment. Mission specialists have the opportunity to learn and use the highly specialized flight inspection and RDT&E equipment that is housed in the Flight Program Operations fleet. They take the measurements, record the observations, and file the daily flight log at the end of the day.

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Scheduling and Dispatch

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is definitely the nerve center that keeps the rest of the Flight Program Operations body working at its best. OCC team members manage aircraft flight hours flown in support of our flight operations, improving scheduling processes and increasing scheduling efficiencies.  Support the flight operation from the ground up!

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Our mechanics are called upon to solve difficult problems. To ensure we are where we need to be in this area, Flight Program Operations holds a certificate as a 14 CFR part 145 repair station, and it’s one of the few organizations in the country that has an accepted safety management system (SMS) that covers both a part 135 and a part 145 certificate.

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Aerospace engineering technicians in Flight Program Operations need to be able to think nimbly and creatively about how to accomplish the one-of-a-kind missions that we need to achieve.

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Program Administration

Our Flight Program Operations Administration team has a lot of specialized knowledge about aviation. They use it to do a little bit of everything, short of actually flying or fixing the aircraft. They work behind the scenes to keep aircraft flying by focusing on areas like human resources, budget, and contracting.

Search USA Jobs 301, 343, 346 series; Program Specialist, Management or Financial Analyst,  or Logistics Specialist

Policy and Communications

In addition to following regulations and policy, Flight Program Operations provides the national policy and standards for all FAA flight operations, for both traditional and remote aircraft systems. That means that anytime anybody flies anything for the FAA, whether they’re on board, or controlling it from the ground, they do so according to policy that Flight Program Operations has developed and coordinated.

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Safety and Training

Join our team specifically dedicated to flight program safety. Operating and maintaining aircraft are highly specialized and highly technical, which requires safety and training staff to be on point to ensure team members always have the required certifications and qualifications. We have an FAA safety management system that helps us turn safety data into information, and information into increased safety and targeted training. 

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Learn more about the FAA’s Flight Program Operations and come fly with us!


Last updated: Thursday, December 1, 2022