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Dangerous Goods Operations Manual Information

A certificate holder's Dangerous Goods (aka Hazardous Materials) Operations and Training program constitutes the foundation for safely transporting dangerous goods by air. Improperly prepared and mismanaged dangerous goods can increase the risks to passengers, crew, aircraft, property, and environment. Mitigation of the hazards and risks posed by these materials are best addressed by individual certificate holder within the context of their own systems.

On December 13, 2017, AC 121-40-14 CFR Part 121 and Part 135 Dangerous Goods Transportation Operations (PDF) was published. The AC provides certificate holders with recommended content for a dangerous goods training program and manual, designed to guide and manage dangerous goods operations. The AC is based on existing requirements. The intent of the AC is to provide guidance to assist certificate holders in designing and implementing a dangerous goods program to include managing the risks entering the aviation system from declared and undeclared dangerous goods.

It provides guidance for all Part 119 certificate holders, operating in accordance with Part 121 or Part 135 under operations specifications (OpSpec), to carry dangerous goods (will carry), prohibiting the transport of dangerous goods (will not carry) and/or authorized to transport passengers and their baggage. Specifically, the AC sets forth suggestions for establishing a comprehensive dangerous goods training program and manual, regardless of the certificate holder's OpSpec.

Manuals Review Process (Part 121,135, 133)

The Hazardous Materials Safety Program (HMSP) has standardized the review process for Dangerous Goods Operations Manuals and Training Programs nationwide. Hazardous Materials Principle Inspectors (HMPIs) and Program Managers (PMs), or designees, are responsible for reviewing Dangerous Goods Operations and Training manuals, in coordination with Principal Operations Inspectors (POIs). The POI for the certificate holder requests a review of the Dangerous Goods Operations and Training manuals through the HMSP manual review office. Manuals generally take 30 business days to review. Once the review process is complete, the POI will receive a recommendation for approval or a list of required changes to make the program compliant with regulatory requirements.

FAA Certification Process

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