The National Airspace System helps people and goods travel safely and freely. While there are many benefits to air travel, aviation noise can be a concern for communities. The FAA is limited by the simple reality that aircraft make noise. Addressing this concern requires collaboration among the FAA, air carriers, airports, aircraft manufacturers, research universities, other stakeholders and industry partners, local communities, and elected officials. Decisions about flight times, number of operations, and aircraft type are in the scope of private industry. Airport location is a function of local land use planning. Runway alignment is determined by the prevailing winds at that specific location. The FAA strives to reduce noise in ways within our purview, including conducting noise research and working with aviation stakeholders and local communities.


Analysis of aviation noise and its effects can be technical and complex. To learn more:

How to File a Noise Complaint

Community Engagement

Learn about ways the FAA engages with communities.

Research and Programs

The FAA studies ways to address noise concerns.

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Last updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2024