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AC 150/5370-10E (Cancelled) - Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports

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150/5370-10E - Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports (Cancelled)

Cancellation Notes
AC 150/5370-10F
Date Cancelled
September 30, 2011
Date Issued
September 30, 2009
Responsible Office
AAS-100,  Office of Airport Safety & Standards - Airport Engineering Division

Version E updates Item P-620, Runway and Taxiway Painting, to include new information on Preformed Thermoplastic Airport Pavement Markings and Application—Preformed Airport Pavement Markings; clarifies that Prohibited Materials cannot exceed permissible limits as specified in relevant Federal Regulations; adds Item P-621, Saw-Cut Grooves; and updates references to Saw-Cut Grooves in Items P-401, Plant Mix Bituminous Pavements, and P-501, Portland Cement Concrete.

Because of the size of this document, it is available as a single file (see Complete) and as three smaller files. See Construction Standards for Airports to access individual files for each item or part.

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