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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Advisory Circulars (ACs)

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Advisory Circulars (ACs) search results
Number Title Status Office Date
00-59 Integrating Helicopter and Tiltrotor Assets into Disaster Relief Planning

Provides guidance to state and local emergency relief planners on integrating helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft into disaster relief planning efforts.

Active AND-710 1998-11-13
00-31A United States (U.S.) National Aviation Standard for the Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR)/Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)/Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) Systems

This Advisory Circular is issued to inform the aviation community of the establishment and content of the United States(U.

Active AJW-143 1982-09-20
00-34A Aircraft Gound Handling and Servicing

This advisory circular contains in~ormation and guidance for the servicing and ground handling of aircraft.

Active AFS-340 1974-07-29
00-58B Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program Active AFS-230 2009-04-29
00-44II Status of Federal Aviation Regulations Active AGC-200 1997-05-01
00-56B Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program

This advisory circular (AC) describes a system for accrediting civil aircraft parts distributors based on voluntary industry oversight.

Active AFS-300 2015-05-27
00-64 Air Medical Resource Management

This AC provides guidance and information, which establish minimum guidelines for Air Medical Resource Management Training.

Active AFS-300 2005-09-22
00-41B FAA Quality Control System Certification Program Active ASU-430 1989-10-10
00-66 Selection of Cyclic Redundancy Code and Checksum Algorithms to Ensure Critical Data Integrity

This advisory circular (AC) provides information about the availability of resource material on digital data integrity.

Active AIR-130 2015-08-04
00-63A Use of Cockpit Displays of Digital Weather and Aeronautical Information - Including Change 1

This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance to flightcrew members and other airmen on the use of data link to access Flight Information Services (FIS).

Active AFS-400 2014-04-07
00-68 Aircraft Certification Service Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program

This advisory circular (AC) provides information and guidance to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Production Approval Holders (PAHs), Design Approval Holders (DAHs), and Organization Designation Authorization Holders (ODA Holders) who choose to voluntarily disclose apparent noncompliance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR).

Active AIR-150 2016-10-01
00-61 Event Planning Guide

Describes acceptable methods for organizing the aviation community for all events, such as major sports events (auto racing, golf, etc.)

Active AFS-800 2000-07-24
00-1.1B Public Aircraft Operations—Manned and Unmanned

This AC provides information to assist in determining whether government-owned or government-contracted manned and unmanned aircraft operations conducted within the territory of the United States are public or civil aircraft operations under the statutory definition of “public aircraft” in Title 49 of the United States Code (49 U.S.C.)

Active AFS-800 2018-09-21