Unable to Register and Login to PRD

What if I am unable to self-register in MyAccess and login to the PRD?

For access to the PRD, participants must first create a MyAccess account. MyAccess is a separate user-management system that is used by the FAA to authenticate users into several different FAA systems, including the Pilot Record Database. Following successful identity validation and MyAccess account creation, authenticated MyAccess users can then register in the PRD.

To ensure the highest level of security, the MyAccess self-registration system uses common verification methods to confirm your individual identity similar those of other online accounts. The FAA understands not all potential users will be able to self-register online. We are monitoring the success rate of the self-registration system and are planning upgrades to ensure the highest number of users possible can be authenticated.

Eligible Pilots who have been instructed by a potential employer to release their records, but who cannot register in MyAccess, may still grant consent to a potential employer by completing FAA Form 8060-14. This allows the potential employer to review the records contained in the PRD even though the pilot cannot access the PRD themselves. To stay informed regarding updates to the registration system and the PRD, subscribe to updates.

Air carrier, operator, and proxy employees who cannot complete the online identity verification process used by MyAccess may send an email for assistance.

Last updated: Tuesday, March 29, 2022