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Tuesday, July 23, 2024, the PRD System will be down for maintenance and unavailable from 5:00 P.M. CT to 7:00 P.M C.T.

For Pilots (Holding Commercial, ATP, or Remote)

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This Login allows the pilot to:
  • View your Pilot records
  • Grant consent for others to view your pilot records.
NOTE: To Register for access you must hold a Commercial, ATP, or Remote pilot certificate and a valid FAA medical.

For Air Carriers (121/135), Operators (91, 91K, 125, Air Tour, Public Aircraft Operators), Trustees, and Proxies:

Register Air Carrier or Operator:

• Authorized Responsible Person
• All Other (Carrier/Operator) Type Roles

Register Trustee or Proxy:

Trustee Responsible Person
Proxy Responsible Person
All Other (Trustee/proxy) Type Roles

This Login allows the company to:
  • Report Pilot Records
  • Manage your company users
  • Respond to Records Requests

Proxy: A third-party reporting entity who reports or reviews pilot record on behalf of an Air carrier, operator, or trustee for purposes of reporting or retrieving records.

Trustee: A reporting entity that is assigned by a court as the custodian of the pilot records, or a company that has been acquired by another company, or other parties as determined by the FAA to be eligible.

This access requires you to have either
an “Authorized Responsible Person” or “Authorized Consumer” Role.

This Login allows the company to:
  • View Pilot Records that the pilot has consented to you.

For API Developers:

Register Here

This Login allows the company to:
  • Report Pilot Records


The Pilot Records Database (PRD) is used to facilitate the sharing of pilot records among air carriers and operators in a clearinghouse managed by the Federal Aviation Administration. All air carriers and operators specified by part 111 can register to access the PRD and evaluate the available FAA data for each individual pilot candidate prior to making a hiring decision.

Pilots holding an FAA Commercial, Airline Transport Pilot, or Remote Pilot certificate with a current FAA medical can register in PRD and see their records. As of December 7, 2021, all air carriers and operators required to review records in accordance with PRIA and/or part 111 must use the PRD to obtain the related FAA records. Submissions of FAA Form 8060-10 are no longer be accepted.

View the Paperwork Reduction Act Burdon Statement and Privacy Act Statement (PDF) for the collection of information under the Pilot Records Database (PRD).


The FAA will host the following Zoom webinars on the Pilot Records Database (PRD) to inform operators and stakeholders that fall under the 14 CFR Part 111 rule and answer questions they may have on PRD. 
Link Date Time (EST) Topic
Webinar 13
TBD 2PM How Pilots Request Record Corrections and How Employers Process Those Requests

What Records are currently provided?

Currently, the PRD is designed to comply with portions of the Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010 and the Pilot Records Improvement Act of 1996 (the Acts). The PRD provides the following FAA records:

  • Name and current address
  • Airman Certificate Information
  • Medical Certificate class, limitations, and date of issuance (if applicable)
  • Enforcement History (if applicable)
  • Accident / Incident History (if applicable)
  • Previous aviation employers (if entered by the airman into the PRD)
  • Date of last NDR request (if entered by the airman into the PRD)
  • Additional records may be available after rulemaking is completed

Important Notes

  • The PRD does not contain copies (photocopies or scans) of any records. The PRD contains specific data points extracted from the records in sufficient details to comply with portions of the Acts.
  • Aviation employers who wish to use the PRD to obtain FAA records must continue to obtain non-FAA records as described in AC 120-68 (as amended).


Questions about PRD?

Email is the most efficient way to send inquiries to PRD, as it provides written documentation of your correspondence. Please refrain from sending multiple emails, as it will delay our response. Emails are answered on a first come, first served basis.  
How to use PRD:   
Check the Resources section with our guides and the Pilot Records Database Webinar Series

For questions about reporting requirements specific to your air carrier/operator, please reach out to your POI:  
The nearest FSDO or CMO can be found here:

For questions about policy (AC 120-68J, Order, Part 111): 
Email 9-avs-afs-PRD-Policy@faa.gov

For MyAccess Issues:  
Contact the FAA Helpdesk at 1-844-322-6948 or helpdesk@faa.gov 

For PRD account issues and technical errors: 
Email PRDSupport@faa.gov

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