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Recently Published Rulemaking Documents

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Federal Register Publication Date Title
November 8, 2017 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program – Announcement of Establishment of Program and Request for Applications (PDF)
June 28, 2016 Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PDF)
December 16, 2015 Registration and Marking Requirements for Small Unmanned Aircraft (PDF)
Proposed Rules (NPRMs)
Federal Register Publication Date Title
July 23, 2018 Security Disqualification Update (PDF)
July 16, 2018 Yaw Maneuver Conditions--Rudder Reversals (PDF)
July 6, 2018 Medium Flocking Bird Test at Climb Condition (PDF)
Final Rules
Federal Register Publication Date Title
July 6, 2018 Aviation Safety Organization Changes; Correction (PDF)
June 27, 2018 Regulatory Relief: Aviation Training Devices; Pilot Certification, Training, and Pilot Schools; and Other Provisions (PDF)
June 20, 2018 Updates to Rulemaking and Waiver Procedures and Expansion of the Equivalent Level of Safety Option (PDF)
Upcoming Compliance Dates
Federal Register Publication Date Title
May 28, 2010 Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Performance Requirements To Support Air Traffic Control (ATC) Service (PDF)
Compliance Date: January 1, 2020
June 24, 2016 Fuel Tank Vent Fire Protection (PDF)
Compliance Date: August 28, 2018
Federal Register Notices
Federal Register Publication Date Title
August 23, 2018 Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee – Open Meeting (PDF)

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