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Payload Reviews

A Payload Review is normally performed as part of a launch authorization. However, an applicant may request a Payload Review in advance of and separately from a launch authorization.

In accordance with 14 CFR § 415.51, Commercial Space Transportation reviews a payload proposed for launch to determine whether a license applicant or payload owner or operator has obtained all required licenses, authorization, and permits, unless the payload is exempt from a Commercial Space Transportation review under 14 CFR § 415.53. If not otherwise exempt, Commercial Space Transportation reviews a payload proposed for launch to determine whether its launch would jeopardize public health and safety, safety of property, U.S. national security or foreign policy interests, or international obligations of the United States.

In accordance with 14 CFR § 415.59, an applicant must identify the following:

  • Payload name;
  • Payload class;
  • Physical dimensions and weight of the payload;
  • Payload owner and operator, if different from the person requesting payload review;
  • Orbital parameters for parking, transfer and final orbits;
  • Hazardous materials, as defined in § 401.5 of this chapter, and radioactive materials, and the amounts of each;
  • Intended payload operations during the life of the payload; and
  • Delivery point in flight at which the payload will no longer be under the licensee's control.

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