Pilot Study Tips

How To Study

You should recognize the advantages of planning a definite study program and following it as closely as possible. Haphazard or disorganized study habits usually result in an unsatisfactory score on the knowledge test.

The ideal study program would be to enroll in a formal ground school course. This offers the advantages of a professional instructor as well as facilities and training aids designed for pilot instruction. Many of these schools use audiovisual aids or programmed instruction materials to supplement classroom instruction.

If you are unable to attend a ground school, the self-study method can be satisfactory, provided you obtain the proper study materials and devote a reasonable amount of time to study. You should establish realistic periodic goals and, equally important, a target date for completion. Self-discipline is important because it is too easy to "put off" the study period for some other activity.

When To Take The Test

Experience has shown that the knowledge test is more meaningful, and is more likely to result in a satisfactory grade, if it is taken after beginning the flight portion of the training. For optimum benefit, it is recommended that the knowledge test be taken after the student has completed a solo cross-country flight. The operational knowledge gained by this experience can be used to advantage in the knowledge test.

Where To Take The Test

Computer testing centers have been certified to administer FAA knowledge tests. You will be charged a reasonable fee for the administration of FAA knowledge tests. You can locate a computer testing center Online, or contact the local FSDO for more information.

What The Test Items Are Like

Knowledge tests have only multiple-choice questions. You can practice for the test by reviewing the question bank of test questions.

Last updated: Monday, August 8, 2022