Wake Turbulence Training Aid Navigator

The sections of the report are linked with bookmarks that allow browsing the document by choosing the section of interest from the sections listed below. Each section and major appendices in the training aid have individual tables of contents that will link you through bookmarks to subsections or appendices. We suggest that you start with the front matter to become acquainted with the content of the document before focusing on particular sections.

  • Wake Turbulence Training Aid (PDF)
  • Section 1. (PDF) Wake Turbulence – Overview for Training Aid Users
  • Section 2. (PDF) Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Guide to Wake Turbulence
  • Section 3. (PDF) Example Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Wake Turbulence Training Program
    • Appendix 3-A (PDF) Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Guide - Pullout Section
    • Appendix 3-B (PDF) The Pilot and Air Traffic Controller, Student Examination, Instructor’s Examination Guide and Summary of Answers
    • Appendix 3-C (PDF) Wake Turbulence Safety Briefing
    • Appendix 3-D (PDF) Wake Turbulence Safety Training Aid - Video Script
      Wake Turbulence Avoidance - A Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Briefing
  • Section 4. (PDF) Wake Turbulence Training Aid – Background Data
    • Appendix 4-A (PDF) NTSB Report of Wake Turbulence
    • Appendix 4-B (PDF) 1991 Report of Where We Are Today In Wake Turbulence
    • Appendix 4-C (PDF) Wake Turbulence Training Aid Guidelines and Issues
    • Appendix 4-D (PDF) FAA Integrated Wake Vortex Program Plan
    • Appendix 4-E (PDF) Bibliography
    • Appendix 4-F (PDF) Wake Turbulence Take-off Weight Categories and IFR Separation Distances
Last updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2022