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150/5345-42G - Draft AC 150/5345-42G, Specification for Airport Light Bases, Transformer Housings, Junction Boxes, and Accessories

Date Issued
June 22, 2012
Responsible Office
AAS-100,  Office of Airport Safety & Standards - Airport Engineering Division

Contains the specifications for airport light bases, transformer housings, junction boxes, and accessories. This AC is not intended to be a compilation of currently available product designs. Instead, it provides the basic standard requirements for critical dimensions and performance requirements to which all manufacturers must demonstrate compliance.

This draft prohibits exothermic welds on galvanized steel light bases, introduces coated steel fasteners per Engineering Brief 83, updates the torque test for L-868 light bases, and updates websites and documents listed in Section 2. See Paragraph 5, Principal Changes, for a complete list of changes in this draft.