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20-95 AFS-120 Fatigue Evaluation of Rotorcraft Structure (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 02-12-2003 05-18-1976
25.571-1 AFS-120 Damage-Tolerance and Fatigue Evaluation of Structure (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) sets forth an acceptable means of compliance with the provisions of·Part 25 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR} dealing with the damage-tolerance alid fatigue evaluation requirements of aircraft structure.

Date Cancelled: 03-05-1986
13-1 AFS-120 Aviation Safety Inspector Work Site Access (Cancelled) (Cancelled)

Explains the requirement and use of FAA Form 8000-39, Aviation Safety Inspector Identification Card, and its relation to the Aviation Safety Credential, FAA Form 110A. This AC is issued primarily to acquaint airport authorities and the airport security personnel with the FAA Form 8000-39 and the aviation safety inspector’s need to be in restricted areas of the airport to perform official FAA business.

Date Cancelled: 06-10-2016
20-14 AFS-120 Aircraft Airworthiness; Restricted Category: Certification of Aircraft with Uncertificated Engines or Engines to which Major Alterations have been made (Cancelled) 10-25-1963
36-4B AEE-3 Noise Certification Handbook (Cancelled) Promotes uniformity of implementation of the noise certification requirements of Part 36 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) by presenting technically acceptable test, analysis, and documentation procedures for subsonic turbojet airplanes that may be used by applicants for demonstrating compliance with Part 36. Where appropriate, FAA policy governing such certifications is reviewed. Date Cancelled: 07-15-2003
Cancelled By: 36-4C
36-1G AEE-110 [Large AC] Noise Levels for U.S. Certified and Foreign Aircraft (Cancelled) Provides noise level data for airplanes certificated under FAR Part 36. Noise level data for foreign airplanes certificated to ICAO Annex 16 standards are also provided in a separate appendix for informational purposes. Date Cancelled: 11-15-2001
Cancelled By: 36-1H
36-3G AEE-110 Estimated Airplane Noise Levels in A-Weighted Decibels (Cancelled) Provides listings of estimated airplane noise levels in units of A-weighted sound levels in decibels (dBA), ranked in describing order for the conditions and assumptions described. This information is provided both for aircraft that have been noise type certificated under 14 CFR Part 36 and for Aircraft for which no such requirement currently exists. Date Cancelled: 04-25-2002
Cancelled By: 36-3H
00-7D ADA-20 State and Regional Disaster Airlift (SARDA) Planning (Cancelled) 09-15-1998
121-21B ACS-130 Information Guide for Training Programs and Manual Requirements in the Air Transportation of Hazardous Materials (Cancelled) 12-22-1983
150/5100-18 ACO-100 Guide for Audit Certification by Airport Sponsors (Cancelled) Superseded and replaced by OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations, revised June 24, 1997, and by the OMB Circular A-133, Compliance Supplement for the Department of Transportation, dated on or after March 2000. Date Cancelled: 03-01-2000 08-31-1998
150/5100-19C ACO-100 Guide for Airport Financial Reports Filed by Airport Sponsors (Cancelled)

Provides airport sponsors with guidance for complying with the airport financial reporting requirements.

Date Cancelled: 06-23-2011
150/5100-19B ACO-100 Guide for Airport Financial Reports Filed by Airport Sponsors (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-19-2004
CHANGE 2 (01-15-2003)
150/5190-5 ACO-100 Exclusive Rights and Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities (Cancelled) Provides basic information pertaining to FAA exclusive rights and minimum standards policies, which, in part, describe the contractual grant obligations assumed by the operators of public use airports. Consolidated file contains Change 1. Date Cancelled: 08-28-2006
Cancelled By: 150/5190-7
23-3 ACE-111 Structural Substantiation of Secondary Structures (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 01-27-2003
Cancelled By: 23-19
23-12 ACE-111 Structural Substantiation of Part 23 Airplane Modifications Involving Increased Engine Power (Cancelled) 01-27-1993
23-4 ACE-111 Static Strength Substantiation of Attachment Points for Occupant Restraint System Installations (Cancelled) 06-20-1986
23-15 ACE-111 Small Airplane Certification Compliance Program (Cancelled) Provides a compilation of historically acceptable means of compliance to specifically selected sections of Part 23 of the Federal Aviation Regulations that have become burdensome for small low performance airplanes to show compliance. However, applicability of these means of compliance remains the responsibility of the certification manager for each specific project. Utilization of these means of compliance does not affect the applicability of any other certification requirements that fall outside the scope of this AC. Date Cancelled: 12-30-2003
Cancelled By: 23-15A
20-53A ACE-111 Protection of Aircraft Fuel Systems Against Fuel Vapor Ignition Due to Lightning (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance concerning an acceptable means, but not the only means, of compliance with Parts 23 or 25 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) applicable to preventing ignition of fuel vapors due to lightning. Date Cancelled: 06-05-2006
Cancelled By: 20-53B
23-6 ACE-111 Interpretation of Failure for Static Structural Test Programs (Cancelled) 02-17-1987
23-2 ACE-111 Flammability Tests (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance concerning compliance with FAR Part 23 and CAR Part 3 applicable to flammability tests for various materials, components, and electrical wire. Date Cancelled: 05-11-2007
Cancelled By: 23-2A
23-13 ACE-111 Fatigue and Fail-Safe Evaluation of Flight Structure and Pressurized Cabin for Part 23 Airplanes (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance concerning an acceptable means of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Part 23 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) regarding fatigue and fail-safe evaluation of metallic airplane structure. Date Cancelled: 09-29-2005
Cancelled By: 23-13A
23-5 ACE-111 Cutouts in a Modified Fuselage of Small Airplanes (Cancelled) 08-06-1986
20-42C ACE-110 Hand Fire Extinguishers for Use in Aircraft (Cancelled)

Provides methods acceptable to the Administrator for showing compliance with the hand fire extinguisher provisions in Parts 25, 29, 91, 121, 125, 127, and 135 of the FAR and provides updated general information.

Date Cancelled: 01-14-2011
23-11 ACE-100 [Large AC] Type Certification of Very Light Airplanes with Powerplants and Propellers Certified to Parts 33 and 35 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (Cancelled) Provides an acceptable means of compliance with Part 23 of the FAR for type certification of certain small airplanes. Date Cancelled: 07-14-2003
Cancelled By: 23-11A
23-8A ACE-100 [Large AC] Flight Test Guide for Certification of Part 23 Airplanes (Cancelled) Provides information and guidance concerning compliance with Part 23 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) concerning flight tests and pilot judgments. SN 050-007-00817-1 Date Cancelled: 08-14-2003
Cancelled By: 23-8B

501 - 525 of 750 results.

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