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21-16F AIR-100 RTCA Document DO-160 versions D, E and F, “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment” (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 06-22-2011 11-19-2009
21-16D AIR-130 RTCA Document DO-160D (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 12-20-2005
Cancelled By: 21-16E
21-16E AIR-100 RTCA, Inc. Document RTCA/DO-160E, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment (Cancelled)

RTCA/DO-160E, “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment,” dated December 9, 2004, as containing acceptable environmental qualifications for showing compliance with certain airworthiness requirements.

Date Cancelled: 11-19-2009
120-52 CAMI-AAM-600 Radiation Exposure of Air Carrier Crewmembers (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-06-2006
Cancelled By: 120-61A
20-115B AIR-130 Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautic, Inc. Document RTCA/DO-178B (Cancelled)

Calls attention to RTCA, Inc., (formerly the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics) Document RTCA/DO- 178B, “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification,” issued December 1992. It discusses how the document may be applied with FAA technical standard order (TSO), authorizations, type certification (TC), or supplemental type certification authorization (STC).

Date Cancelled: 07-19-2013
43-211 AFS-306 Recommended Alternative Inspection Schedule for Socata TBM-700 Aircraft (Cancelled) This advisory circular (AC) provides a recommended inspection schedule for all owners of Socata TBM-700 aircraft who operate their aircraft 100 hours a year or less. While this AC provides one way of addressing the annual or progressive inspection on TBM-700 aircraft, it may not be the only way. Date Cancelled: 01-29-2016 08-09-2006
90-79 AFS-400 Recommended Practices and Procedures for the Use of Electronic Long-Range Navigation (Cancelled)

Presents recommended operational practices and procedures for the use of electronic long-range navigation equipment in oceanic or remote land areas.

Date Cancelled: 09-06-1994
60-25E AFS-630 Reference Materials and Subject Matter Knowledge Codes for Airman Knowledge Testing (Cancelled) Appendixes 1 and 2 contain the latest list of reference materials and subject matter knowledge codes for airman knowledge testing. Date Cancelled: 06-08-2004
Cancelled By: 60-25F
60-25D AFS-630 Reference Materials and Subject Matter Knowledge Codes for Airmen Knowledge Testing (Cancelled) Appendixes 1 and 2 contain the latest list of reference materials and subject matter knowledge codes for airman knowledge testing. Date Cancelled: 06-08-2004
Cancelled By: 60-25E
145-11 AFS-300 Repair Station Guidance for Compliance with the Safety Agreement between the United States and the European Union (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides information and guidance on an acceptable means, but not the only means, of how a repair station located in the United States may obtain, renew, or amend a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval to maintain foreign aircraft and parts. This AC also provides information to an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) located within the European Union (EU) on how to obtain, renew, or amend a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificate to maintain U.S. aircraft and parts. Repair stations should use the Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) in order to obtain EASA and FAA approvals under the provisions of the U.S./EU aviation safety agreement

Date Cancelled: 11-28-2012
145-6 AFS-350 Repair Stations for Composite and Bonded Aircraft Structure (Cancelled)

Provides information and guidance concerning an acceptable means, but not the only means, of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of 14 CFR parts 21, 43, 121, 125, 127, 135, and 145 regarding procedures and facilities for repairs and alterations of structures consisting of metal-bonded and fiber-reinforced materials (e.g., carbon, boron, aramid, and glass-reinforced polymeric materials mentioned in AC 20-107, Composite Aircraft Structures). Consideration will be given to any other method of compliance the applicant elects to present to FAA.

Date Cancelled: 12-20-2011
150/5000-7 APP-400 Report No. DOT/FAA/PP/87-1 Measuring the Regional Economic Significance of Airports (Cancelled) 05-12-1987
120-30A AFS-830 Reporting Requirements of Air Carriers, Commercial Operators, Travel Clubs, and Air Taxi Operators of Large and Small Aircraft (Cancelled)

Clarifies the mechanical reliability reporting requirements contained in Parts 121, 127, and 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the accident and incident reporting requirements of Part 830 (old Part 430) of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Safety Investigation Regulations.

Date Cancelled: 05-21-2015
150/5200-32A AAS-300 Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes (Cancelled)

Explains the importance of reporting collisions between aircraft and wildlife, more commonly referred to as wildlife strikes. Also examines recent improvements in the FAA's Bird/Other Wildlife Strike Reporting system, how to report a wildlife strike, what happens to the wildlife strike report data, how to access the FAA National Wildlife Aircraft Strike Database, and the FAA’s Feather Identification program.

Date Cancelled: 05-31-2013
70-2 AJR-22 Reporting of Laser Illumination of Aircraft (Cancelled)

This AC information to aviation community, operating within the National Airspace System steps taken by the FAA to address the unauthorized illumination of aircraft by lasers.

Date Cancelled: 02-08-2013
90-103 AJR-0 Reporting of Threats in Accordance with the Common Strategy (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides information to the aviation community, particularly to aircrews operating within the National Airspace System (NAS), regarding methods to manage and report instances of passenger interference with crewmembers. The Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), Public Law 107-7 1, created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and tasked the Administrator of TSA to work with the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration on security actions that may affect safety and aircraft operations. The ATSA created a new Title 49, United States Code (USC), Chapter 449, Section 4491 8, Crew training, requiring new, detailed guidance for crew training.

Date Cancelled: 12-02-2015
431.35-2 AST-1 Reusable Launch and Re-Entry Vehicle (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-20-2005
Cancelled By: 431.35-2A
61-84B AFS-840 Role of Preflight Preparation (Cancelled)

Modifies and updates the flight information available to pilots as a result of changes in the basic Airmen Information Manual format.

Date Cancelled: 05-21-2015
150/5325-4A AAS-110 Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1 dtd 3-11-91) (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-01-2005 01-29-1990
91-79 AFS-800 Runway Overrun Prevention (Cancelled)

Provides ways for pilots and operators to turbine powered airplanes to identify, understand, mitigate risks associated with runway overruns during the landing phase of flight. It also provides operators with detailed information that may be used to develop company standard operating procedures.

Date Cancelled: 09-17-2014
150/5220-13B AAS-100 Runway Surface Condition Sensor Specification Guide (Cancelled) Provides guidance to irport operators, consultants, and design engineers on preparing procurement specifications for sensor systems that monitor and report runway surface conditions. 03-27-1991
150/5340-24 AAS-200 Runway and Taxiway Edge Lighting System (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1) (Cancelled) (Consolidated reprint includes change 1). Describes standards for the design, installation, and maintenance of runway and taxiway edge lighting. 09-03-1975
20-155 AIR-100 SAE Documents to Support Aircraft Lightning Protection Certification (Cancelled)

Provides a means of getting Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval of aircraft lightning protection.

Date Cancelled: 07-16-2013
120-92A AFS-900 Safety Management Systems for Aviation Service Providers (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides a Framework for Safety Management System (SMS) development by aviation service providers. It contains a uniform set of expectations that align with the structure and format of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Framework; and Aviation Safety (AVS) policy in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order VS 8000.367, AVS Safety Management System Requirements, Appendix B.

Date Cancelled: 01-08-2015
20-149 AIR-130 Safety and Interoperability Requirements for Initial Domestic Flight Information Service-Broadcast (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) supports the introduction and the use of flight information Service Broadcast (FIS-B) weather and other aeronautical data link products for enhanced situational awareness. It identifies safety and interoperability requirements for continued airworthiness of aircraft FIS-B equipment, systems, and applications. Like all advisory material, this AC offers one way, but it is not the only way, to comply with regulations.

Date Cancelled: 09-23-2013

576 - 600 of 747 results.

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