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91-56 ANM-115 Continuing Structural Integrity Program for Large Transport Category Airplanes (Cancelled) Provides guidance material to manufacturers and operators of transport category airplanes for use in developing a continuing structural integrity program to ensure safe operation of older airplanes throughout their operational lives. This guidance material applies to large transport airplanes which were certified under the fail-safe and fatigue requirements of Civil Air Regulations (CAR) 4b o 14 CFR part 25 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), prior to Amendment 25-45, and which have a maximum gross weight greater than 75,000 pounds. Guidance material on this subject for other transports is provided in AC 91-60. The procedures set forth by this AC are applicable to the large transport category airplanes operated under Subpart D of part 91, and parts 121 and 125. Date Cancelled: 04-29-1998
Cancelled By: 91-56A
25.571-1C ANM-115 Damage Tolerance and Fatigue Evaluation of Structure (Cancelled)

Provides guidance for compliance with the provisions of 14 CFR Part 25 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) pertaining to the damage-tolerance and fatigue evaluation requirements for transport category aircraft structure. It also provides guidelines for the evaluation of scatter factors for the determination of life for parts categorized as safe-life.

Date Cancelled: 01-13-2011
25.856-2 ANM-115 Installation of Thermal/Acoustic Insulation for Burnthrough Protection (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-29-2008
Cancelled By: 25.856-2A
00.2-13 APF-100 Advisory Circular Checklist (Cancelled) Advisory Circular Checklist and Status of Other FAA Publications Date Cancelled: 01-08-2003
Cancelled By: 00.2-14
00.2-14 APF-100 Advisory Circular Checklist and Status of Other FAA Publications (Cancelled)

Advisory Circular Checklist and Status of Other FAA Publications

Date Cancelled: 07-01-2004
Cancelled By: 00.2-15
00.2-15 APF-100 Advisory Circular Checklist and Status of Other FAA Publications (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 06-01-2006 07-01-2004
150/5320-14 APP-400 Airport Landscaping for Noise Control Purposes (Cancelled)

Provides guidance to airport planners and operators in the use of tree and vegetation screens in and around airports.

Date Cancelled: 09-14-2010
150/5070-6A APP-400 Airport Master Plans (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 05-01-2007 06-01-1985
150/5000-11 APP-400 Announcement of Availability All Cargo Carrier Activity Report (FAA Form 5100-108, Revised) (Cancelled) Provides guidance for the submission of the All Cargo Carrier Activity Report (revised as of March 1993). 03-24-1993
150/5000-10A APP-400 Announcement of Availability Report No. DOT/FAA/PP/-92-6, Estimating the Regional Economic Signifiance of Airports (Cancelled) 07-02-1993
150/5000-14 APP-400 Announcement of Availability- National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) 1993-1997 (Cancelled) This advisory circular announces the availability of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Sys- tems (NPIAS) 1993-1997. Date Cancelled: 12-31-2007 09-12-1995
150/5050-3B APP-400 Announcement of Availability-Planning the State Aviation System (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-15-2009 04-11-1989
150/5070-3 APP-400 Planning the Airport Industrial Park (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-15-2009 09-30-1965
150/5070-5 APP-400 Planning the Metropolitan Airport (Cancelled)

Explains how to compute airport capacity and aircraft delay for airport planning and design. Reflects the increased capacity resulting from the recent change in parallel runway separation criteria, adds a procedure for calculating savings associated with a reduction in aircraft delay, and updates the capacity and delay computer program references.

Date Cancelled: 07-15-2009
150/5000-7 APP-400 Report No. DOT/FAA/PP/87-1 Measuring the Regional Economic Significance of Airports (Cancelled) 05-12-1987
150/5100-10A APP-500 Accounting Records Guide for Airport Aid Program Sponsors (Cancelled)

Sets forth recordkeeping requirements imposed on sponsor of Airport Development Aid Program (ADAP) and Planning Grant Program (PGP) projects funded by the Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970, as amended. In addition, Federal regulations require a sponsor to establish and maintain a financial management system that meets the standards set forth in Part 152, Appendix K. This circular provides detailed explanations of these requirements.

This AC is superseded by more recent accounting and record-keeping requirements found in the current version of FAA Order 5100.38, Airport Improvement Program Handbook.

Date Cancelled: 03-05-2012
150/5100-16A APP-510 Airport Improvement Program Grant Assurance Number One -- General Federal Requirements (Cancelled) 10-04-1988
150/5000-12 APP-510 Announcement of Availability: Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Application (FAA Form 5500-1) (Cancelled)

Provides guidance for the submission of the PFC application. View more recent versions of the PFC Application.

Date Cancelled: 03-05-2012
150/5000-3T ARP-10 Address List for Regional Airports Divisions and Airports District/Field Offices (Cancelled)

Transmits the address list for all regional Airports Divisions and Airports District/Field Offices.

View the current list of FAA Regional Airports and Airports District/Field Office.

Date Cancelled: 10-22-1999
00-62 ARS-100 Internet Communications of Aviation Weather and NOTAMS (Cancelled)

This AC describes the process for any person or organization that provides access to aviation weather and notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) via the public Internet to become a qualified Internet communications provider (QICP)

Date Cancelled: 08-15-2013
108-3 ASH-20 Screening of Persons Carrying U.S. Classified Material (Cancelled)

Provides instructions for the screening of passengers carrying classified material in order to maintain the integrity of the screening process and prevent the compromise of classified material.

Date Cancelled: 06-24-2011
431.35-1 AST-1 Expected Casualty Calculations for Commercial Space Launch and Re-Entry Missions (Cancelled)

Provides an accepted methodology for estimating the value, or upper limit of the value, of Expected Casualty Ec for commercial space launch and reentry missions.

Cancellation Memo from AST-300 attached  dated 3/25/13

Date Cancelled: 03-25-2013
431.35-2 AST-1 Reusable Launch and Re-Entry Vehicle (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-20-2005
Cancelled By: 431.35-2A
29-1 ASW-110 Approval Basis for Automatic Stabilization Equipment (ASE) Installation in Rotorcraft (Cancelled)

Gives means for compliance with flight requirements in various CAR’s. Change 2, Transmits revised information about the time delay of automatic stabilization equipment.

Date Cancelled: 08-23-2013
27-1A ASW-110 Certification of Normal Category Rotorcraft (Cancelled) Provides guidance regarding an acceptable means but not the only means of compliance with Part 27 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) applicable to certification of normal category rotorcraft. This revision renumbers paragraphs to correspond with FAR numbering. Also, it is divided by Subparts and the page numbers reflect the relevant FAR Subpart. SN 050-007-01279-9 Date Cancelled: 04-25-2006 07-30-1997

626 - 650 of 668 results.

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