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135-10A AFS-340 Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (Cancelled) (Cancelled)

Provides information and guidance which can be used to develop an approved aircraft inspection program (AAIP) for operators subject to provisions of FAR Section 135.419.

Date Cancelled: 06-08-2016
90-96 AFS-400 Approval of U.S. Operators and Aircraft to Operate Under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in European Airspace Designated for Basic Area Navigation (BRNAV/RNP-5) (Cancelled) Provides guidance regarding on-board Area Navigation (BRNAV) equipment requirements for operators of U.S. registered civil aircraft, operating in a Basic Area Navigation (BRNAV) environment in the European region. Date Cancelled: 01-13-2005
Cancelled By: 90-96A
20-24C ANE-111 Approval of Propulsion Fuels and Lubricating Oils (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance applicable to adding fuels and oils as engine, aircraft, or auxiliary power unit (APU) operating limitations.  It also provides acceptable methods, but not the only methods, that may be used to approve aircraft, engines, or APUs to operate with specified propulsion fuels and lubricating oils.

Date Cancelled: 06-30-2014
21-25A AIR-120 Approval of Modified Seats and Berths (Cancelled)

Provides information on approvals required for modifications to TSO’d seating systems. This revision incorporates guidance regarding TSO-C127 seating systems and additional information on marking and flammability testing requirements.

Date Cancelled: 01-11-2016
61-137 AFS-800 Approval of Manufacturers Required Training Programs (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-15-2011 09-26-2008
61-137A AFS-800 Approval of Manufacturer's Required Training Program. (Cancelled)

This advisory circular (AC) provides information to organizations providing training in aircraft that contain a training requirement in the limitations section of the Airplane Flight Manual (Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM), Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM), etc.).

Date Cancelled: 10-31-2014
25.1329-1B ANM-110 Approval of Flight Guidance Systems (Cancelled)

Describes acceptable means for showing compliance with certain requirements of Title 14, CFR, of FAR 25.1329, Flight Guidance System. While Part 25 contains the airworthiness standards applicable to transport category airplanes, the guidance in this AC pertains to the functions of autopilots, as well as any interactions with stability augmentation and trim functions.

Date Cancelled: 10-27-2014
90-45A AFS-400 Approval of Area Navigation Systems for use in the U.S. National Airspace System (Cancelled)

Provides guidelines for implementation of two-dimensional area navigation (2D RNAV) within the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS). Provides for both VOR/DME dependent systems and self-contained systems such as Inertial Navigation Systems (INS).

AC 20-138C - Airworthiness Approval of Positioning and Navigation Systems supersedes the airworthiness considerations in AC 90-45A, Approval of Area Navigation Systems for use in the U.S. National Airspace System. Equipment previously approved per the airworthiness guidance in AC 90-45A is still valid for the operations and conditions stated in their approvals.

Date Cancelled: 08-27-2014
91-85 AFS-400 Approval of Aircraft and Operators for flight in Reduced Vertical (Cancelled) (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 07-21-2016 08-21-2009
90-101 AFS-400 Approval Guidance for RNP Procedures with SAAAR (Cancelled)

Provides operational and airworthiness guidance material for aircraft operators conducting 14 CFR part 97 required navigation performance (RNP) instrument approach procedures with Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required (SAAAR)

Date Cancelled: 02-23-2011
90-105 AFS-400 Approval Guidance for RNP Operations and Barometric Vertical Navigation in the U.S. National Airspace System (Cancelled) (Cancelled) This advisory circular (AC) provides system and operational approval guidance for operators to conduct Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 97, Required Navigation Performance (RNP) instrument approach procedures (IAP).This AC provides system and operational approval guidance for the conduct of RNP Instrument Departure Procedures(RNP 1 DPs), Standard Terminal Arrival Routes STAR)(RNP 1STARs), and RNP 2 routes within the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS) where domestic air traffic control (ATC)procedures are applied. This AC also provides operational approval guidance for the conduct of barometric vertical navigation (Baro-VNAV) RNP IAPs with the lateral navigation (LNAV)/vertical navigation (VNAV) minimums within the NAS. Date Cancelled: 03-07-2016 01-23-2009
29-1 ASW-110 Approval Basis for Automatic Stabilization Equipment (ASE) Installation in Rotorcraft (Cancelled)

Gives means for compliance with flight requirements in various CAR’s. Change 2, Transmits revised information about the time delay of automatic stabilization equipment.

Date Cancelled: 08-23-2013
21-12A AIR-220 Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6 (OMB 2120-0018) (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 11-06-2001
Cancelled By: 21-12B
21-40 AIR-110 Application Guide for Obtaining a Supplemental Type Certificate (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 09-27-2007
Cancelled By: 21-40A
61-123 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: Practical Test Standards (Rotorcraft); FAA-S-8081-7A, FAA-S-8081-15, and FAA-S-8081-16 (Cancelled) 03-05-1996
150/5000-12 APP-510 Announcement of Availability: Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Application (FAA Form 5500-1) (Cancelled)

Provides guidance for the submission of the PFC application. View more recent versions of the PFC Application.

Date Cancelled: 03-05-2012
61-103 AFS-840 Announcement of Availability: Industry-Developed Transition Training Guidelines for High Performance Aircraft (Cancelled)

Alerts pilots transitioning to complex, high-performance aircraft which are capable of operating at high altitudes and high airspeeds of the need to be knowledgeable of the special physiological and aerodynamic considerations involved within this realm of operations.

Date Cancelled: 05-21-2015
60-26B AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: Flight Standards Service Airman Training and Testing Information (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-28-2005 06-08-2000
61-124 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-SOS 1-17, Private Pilot Practical Test Standards for Lighter-Than-Air (Balloon/Airship) (Cancelled) 05-15-1996
61-128 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-6A, Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards for Airplane (Single-Engine and Multiengine) - with Change 1 (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-28-2005 04-05-1999
61-122C AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-5C, Airline Transport Pilot and Aircraft Type Rating Practical Test Standards for Airplane - with Change 1 (Cancelled) 03-01-1999
61-132 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-23, Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Glider (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-28-2005 04-26-1999
61-129 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-20, Airline Transport Pilot Aircraft Type Rating PTS for Helicopter (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-28-2005 08-12-1998
61-127 AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-19, Recreational Pilot Powered Parachute Practical Test Standard (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 05-09-2001 06-02-1997
61-118A AFS-630 Announcement of Availability: FAA-S-8081-14, Private Pilot Practical Test Standards (Airplane) (Cancelled) Date Cancelled: 04-28-2005 03-01-1999

626 - 650 of 771 results.

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