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91.11-1 AAM-620 Guide to Drug Hazards in Aviation Medicine
Lists all commonly used drugs by pharmacological effect on airmen with side effects and recommendations.
00.25 AFS-400 Forming and Operating a Flying Club
Provides preliminary information that will assist anyone or any group of people interested in forming and operating a flying club.
00-25 Forming and Operating a Flying Club 01-01-1965
20-40 ACE-100 Placards for Battery-Excited Alternators Installed in Light Aircraft
Sets forth an acceptable means of complying with placarding rules in Federal Aviation Regulations 23 and 27 with respect to battery excited alternator installations.
20-44 ACE-100 Glass Fiber Fabric for Aircraft Covering
Provides a means, but not the sole means, for acceptance of glass fiber fabric for external covering of aircraft structure.
20-45 ACE-100 Safetying of Turnbuckles on Civil Aircraft
Provides information on turnbuckle safetying methods that have been found acceptable by the FAA during past aircraft type certification programs.
121-6 AIR-110 Portable Battery-Powered Megaphones
Sets forth an acceptable means for complying with rules (applicable to various persons operating under Part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations) that prescribe the installation of approved megaphones.
20-38A ANM-100 Measurement of Cabin Interior Emergency Illumination in Transport Airplanes
Outlines acceptable methods, but not the only methods, for measuring cabin interior emergency illumination on transport airplanes, and provides information as to suitable measuring instruments.
20-47 ANM-100 Exterior Colored Band around Exits on Transport Airplanes
Sets forth an acceptable means, but not the only means, of complying with the requirement for a 2-inch colored band outlining exits required to be openable from the outside on transport airplanes.
20-18A ANE-100 Qualification Testing of Turbo-jet Engine Thrust Reversers
Discusses the requirements for the qualification of thrust reversers and sets forth an acceptable means of compliance with the tests prescribed in Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 33, then run under nonstandard ambient air conditions.
20-48 AFS-330 Practice Guide for Decontaminating Aircraft
The title is self-explanatory.
211-2 ATP-250 Recommended Standards for IFR Aeronautical Charts
Sets forth standards recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration for the guidance of the public in the issuance of IFR aeronautical charts for use in the National Airspace System (NAS)
91-16 AFS-820 Category II Operations - General Aviation Airplanes
Sets forth acceptable means by which Category II operations may be approved in accordance with FAR Parts 23, 25, 61, 91, 97, and 135.
90-34 AFS-840 Accidents Resulting from Wheelbarrowing in Tricycle Gear Equipped Aircraft
Explains “wheel barrowing”, the circumstances under which it is likely to occur, and recommended corrective action.
20-60 ANM-110A Accessibility to Excess Emergency Exits
Sets forth acceptable means of compliance with the “readily accessible” revisions in the Federal Aviation Regulations dealing with excess emergency exits.
33-3 ANE-100 Turbine and Compressor Rotors Type Certification Substantiation Procedures
Sets forth guidance and acceptable means, not the sole means, by which compliance may be shown with the turbine and compressor rotor substantiation requirements in FAR Part 33.
170-9 ASM-500 Criteria for Acceptance of Ownership and Servicing of Civil Aviation Interest(s) Navigational and Air Traffic Control Systems and Equipment
Contains a revised FAA policy under which the FAA accepts conditional ownership of equipment and systems from civil aviation interests, without the use of Federal funds, and operates, maintains, and provides the logistic support of such equipment.
91-26 AFS-310 Maintenance and Handling of Airdriven Gyroscopic Instruments
Advises operators of general aviation aircraft of the need for proper maintenance of air-driven gyroscopic instruments and associated air filters.
21-4B AIR-200 Special Flight Permits for Operation of Overweight Aircraft
Furnishes guidance concerning special flight permits necessary to operate an aircraft in excess of its usual maximum certificated takeoff weight.
25.1457-1A ANM-110A Cockpit Voice Recorder Installations
Sets forth one acceptable means of compliance with provisions of FAR 25.1457 (b), (e), and (f) pertaining to area microphones, cockpit voice recorder location, and erasure features.
39-1A AFS-340 JIG Fixtures; Replacement of Wing Attach Angles and Doublers on Douglas DC-3 Series Aircraft, Airworthiness Directive 66-18-2
Describes methods of determining that jig fixtures used in the replacement of the subject attached angles and doublers meet the requirements of Airworthiness Directive 66-18-2.
33-1B ANE-100 Turbine Engine Foreign Object Ingestion and Rotor Blade Containment Type Certification Procedures
Provides guidance and acceptable means, not the sole means, by which compliance may be shown with the design and construction requirements of Part 33 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.
20-69 AIR-120 Conspicuity of Aircraft Instrument Malfunction Indicators
Provides design guidance information on methods of improving conspicuity of malfunction indication devices.
25-5 AIR-120 Installation Approval on Transport Category Airplanes of Cargo Unit Load Devices Approved as Meeting the Criteria in NAS 3610
Sets forth an acceptable means, but not the sole means, of complying with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) applicable to the installation on transport category airplanes of cargo load devices approved as meeting the criteria in NAS 3610.
170-11 ASM-500 Amendment of Federal Aviation Regulation Part 171 (FAR-171) - Cost of Flight and Ground Inspections
Alerts the public to the amendment to FAR Part 171 pertaining to the payment of ground and flight inspection charges prior to the issuance of an approved IFR procedure.
1 - 25 of 787 results.
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