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43-11 AFS-340 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul Terminology and Standards
CHANGE 1 (03-30-2007)
135-4A ACS-100 Aviation Security: Air Taxi Commercial Operators (ATCO)
Provides recommended security measures applicable to ATCO operations that should minimize the effects of crimes directed against air transportation.
145-2 AFS-340 Repair Station Limited Ratings Beech 18 Series Aircraft
Advises of a required limited repair station rating to perform X-ray inspection of the Beech 18 wing and center section spar, and of the procedures for application.
120-30A AFS-830 Reporting Requirements of Air Carriers, Commercial Operators, Travel Clubs, and Air Taxi Operators of Large and Small Aircraft
Clarifies the mechanical reliability reporting requirements contained in Parts 121, 127, and 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the accident and incident reporting requirements of Part 830 (old Part 430) of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Safety Investigation Regulations.
20-43C AFS-340 Aircraft Fuel Control
Alerts the aviation community to the potential hazards of inadvertent mixing or contamination of turbine and piston fuels, and provides recommended fuel control and servicing procedures.
20-96 AIR-200 Surplus Military Aircraft: A Briefing for Prospective Buyers
Provides many answers to questions regarding the purchasing of surplus military aircraft (type certification, is the aircraft flyable, is it sold for spare parts, scrap?).
25.253-1A ANM-110A High-Speed Characteristics
Sets forth an acceptable means, but not the only means, by which compliance may be shown with FAR 25.253 during certification flight tests.
91-46 AFS-350 Gyroscopic Instruments - Good Operating Practices
Issued to re-emphasize to general aviation instrument-rated pilots the need to determine the proper operation of gyroscopic instruments, the importance of instrument crosschecks and proficiency in partial-panel operations.
90-75 AFS-310 Strobe Light System Inspection
Advises the general aviation community of the importance of proper maintenance of capacitive discharge strobe light systems which are installed within or near fuel systems.
43-14 AFS-350 Maintenance of Weather Radar Radomes
Provides guidance material useful to repair facilities in the maintenance of weather radomes.
120-32 AFS-223 Air Transportation of Handicapped Persons
Identifies some of the problems handicapped air travelers face and provides some guidelines to airline personnel to help alleviate these problems.
20-41A AIR-120 Substitute Technical Standard Order (TSO) Aircraft Equipment
Sets forth an acceptable means for complying with rules governing aircraft equipment installations in cases involving the substitution of technical standard order equipment for functionally similar TSO approved equipment.
20-99 ANM-100 Antiskid and Associated Systems
Provides an acceptable means, but not the only means, of complying with the requirement that anti-skid and associated systems must be designed so that no probable malfunction will result in a hazardous loss of braking or directional control of an airplane.
120-33 AFS-400 Operational Approval of Airborne Long-Range Navigation Systems for Flight within the North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace
Sets forth acceptable means, but not the only means, for operators certificated under FAR Parts 121 and 123 and operators utilizing large aircraft under FAR 135.2, to obtain approval to operate within a specific airspace over the NAT (North Atlantic) MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications) airspace after 0001 Greenwich Mean Time, Dec. 29, 1977.
120-34 AFS-220 Air Transportation of Mental Patients
Provides guidelines to organizations and persons responsible for transportation of mental patients and outlines the responsibilities of those escorting such persons.
91-48 AFS-820 Acrobatics-Precision Flying with a Purpose
Provides information to persons who are interested in acrobatic flying to improve their piloting skills as recreation, sport, or as a competitive activity.
43-15 AFS-350 Recommended Guidelines for Instrument Shops
Provides guidelines concerning environmental conditions for instrument repair and overhaul shops and information on calibration of test equipment. Provides information on obtaining printed copies of this document or electronic access to it. Provides information on obtaining printed copies of this document or electronic access to it.
91-50 AFS-820 Importance of Transponder Operation and Altitude Reporting
Provides information and guidance concerning the importance of transponder operation and altitude reporting in the National Airspace System.
121-25 AFS-224 Additional Weather Information: Domestic and Flag Air Carriers
Provides guidance and standards to domestic and flag air carriers for approval of a system for obtaining forecasts and reports of adverse weather phenomena
20-100 AIR-120 General Guidelines for Measuring Fire-Extinguishing Agent Concentrations in Powerplant Compartments
Describes the installation and use of a model GA-2A fire extinguisher agent concentration recorder in determining the distribution and concentration of fire-extinguishing agents when discharged in an aircraft powerplant compartment.
97-1A AFS-400 Runway Visual Range (RVR)
This advisory circular is issued to describe RVR measuring equipment and its operating use.
20-103 AFS-340 Aircraft Engine Crankshaft Failure
Provides information and suggests procedures to increase crankshaft service life and to minimize failures.
120-17A AFS-330 Maintenance Control by Reliability Methods
Provides information and guidance materials which may be used to design or develop maintenance reliability programs utilizing reliability control methods.
20-106 AFS-340 Aircraft Inspection for the General Aviation Aircraft Owner
Describes techniques used in aircraft inspections. Designed to familiarize owner, pilots, student mechanics, and others with inspection procedures, it does NOT qualify an individual to make airworthiness determinations.
91-6A AFS-223 Water, Slush, and Snow on the Runway
Provides background and guidelines concerning the operation of turbojet aircraft with water, slush, and/or snow on the runway.
51 - 75 of 787 results.
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