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20-68B AFS-600 Recommended Radiation Safety Precautions for Ground Operation of Airborne Weather Radar
Sets forth recommended radiation safety precautions for ground operation of airborne weather radar.
20-104 AIR-120 Revised Powerplant Engineering Report No. 3A Standard Fire Test Apparatus and Procedure (for Flexible Hose Assemblies)
Announces the availability of the subject report.
20-106 AFS-340 Aircraft Inspection for the General Aviation Aircraft Owner
Describes techniques used in aircraft inspections. Designed to familiarize owner, pilots, student mechanics, and others with inspection procedures, it does NOT qualify an individual to make airworthiness determinations.
20-103 AFS-340 Aircraft Engine Crankshaft Failure
Provides information and suggests procedures to increase crankshaft service life and to minimize failures.
20-100 AIR-120 General Guidelines for Measuring Fire-Extinguishing Agent Concentrations in Powerplant Compartments
Describes the installation and use of a model GA-2A fire extinguisher agent concentration recorder in determining the distribution and concentration of fire-extinguishing agents when discharged in an aircraft powerplant compartment.
20-99 ANM-100 Antiskid and Associated Systems
Provides an acceptable means, but not the only means, of complying with the requirement that anti-skid and associated systems must be designed so that no probable malfunction will result in a hazardous loss of braking or directional control of an airplane.
20-41A AIR-120 Substitute Technical Standard Order (TSO) Aircraft Equipment
Sets forth an acceptable means for complying with rules governing aircraft equipment installations in cases involving the substitution of technical standard order equipment for functionally similar TSO approved equipment.
20-96 AIR-200 Surplus Military Aircraft: A Briefing for Prospective Buyers
Provides many answers to questions regarding the purchasing of surplus military aircraft (type certification, is the aircraft flyable, is it sold for spare parts, scrap?).
20-43C AFS-340 Aircraft Fuel Control
Alerts the aviation community to the potential hazards of inadvertent mixing or contamination of turbine and piston fuels, and provides recommended fuel control and servicing procedures.
20-33B AIR-100 Technical Information Regarding Civil Aeronautics Manuals 1, 3, 4a, 4b, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, and 14
Advises the public that policy information contained in the subject Civil Aeronautics Manuals may be used in conjunction with specific sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations.
20-56A AIR-120 Marking of TSO-C72b Individual Flotation Devices
Outlines acceptable methods for marking individual flotation devices which also serve as seat cushions
20-32B ACE-110 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Contamination in Aircraft Detection and Prevention
Provides information on the potential dangers of carbon monoxide contamination from faulty engine exhaust systems or cabin heaters of the exhaust gas heat exchanger type.
20-29B ANE-100 Use of Aircraft Fuel Anti-icing Additives
Provides information on the use of anti-icing additives PFA-55MB and Mil-I-27686 as an acceptable means of compliance with the FARs that require assurance of continuous fuel flow under conditions where ice may occur in turbine aircraft fuel systems.
20-76 AFS-330 Maintenance Inspection Notes for Boeing
Provides maintenance inspection notes which can be used for the maintenance support program for certain structural parts of the B-707/720 series aircraft.
20-74 AIR-120 Aircraft Position and Anticollision Light Measurements
Contains useful information concerning measurements for intensity, covering, and color of aircraft position and anti-collision lights.
20-71 AIR-120 Dual Locking Devices on Fasteners
Provides guidance and acceptable means, not the sole means, by which compliance may be shown with the requirements for dual locking devices on removable fasteners installed in rotorcraft and transport category airplanes.
20-69 AIR-120 Conspicuity of Aircraft Instrument Malfunction Indicators
Provides design guidance information on methods of improving conspicuity of malfunction indication devices.
20-60 ANM-110A Accessibility to Excess Emergency Exits
Sets forth acceptable means of compliance with the “readily accessible” revisions in the Federal Aviation Regulations dealing with excess emergency exits.
20-48 AFS-330 Practice Guide for Decontaminating Aircraft
The title is self-explanatory.
20-18A ANE-100 Qualification Testing of Turbo-jet Engine Thrust Reversers
Discusses the requirements for the qualification of thrust reversers and sets forth an acceptable means of compliance with the tests prescribed in Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 33, then run under nonstandard ambient air conditions.
20-38A ANM-100 Measurement of Cabin Interior Emergency Illumination in Transport Airplanes
Outlines acceptable methods, but not the only methods, for measuring cabin interior emergency illumination on transport airplanes, and provides information as to suitable measuring instruments.
20-47 ANM-100 Exterior Colored Band around Exits on Transport Airplanes
Sets forth an acceptable means, but not the only means, of complying with the requirement for a 2-inch colored band outlining exits required to be openable from the outside on transport airplanes.
20-45 ACE-100 Safetying of Turnbuckles on Civil Aircraft
Provides information on turnbuckle safetying methods that have been found acceptable by the FAA during past aircraft type certification programs.
20-44 ACE-100 Glass Fiber Fabric for Aircraft Covering
Provides a means, but not the sole means, for acceptance of glass fiber fabric for external covering of aircraft structure.
20-40 ACE-100 Placards for Battery-Excited Alternators Installed in Light Aircraft
Sets forth an acceptable means of complying with placarding rules in Federal Aviation Regulations 23 and 27 with respect to battery excited alternator installations.
76 - 100 of 100 results.
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