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Number Office Title Date
23-10 ACE-111 Auxiliary Fuel Systems for Reciprocating and Turbine Powered Part 23 Airplanes 08-05-1991
23.1521-1B ACE-111 Type Certification of Automobile Gasoline in Part 23 Airplanes with Reciprocating Engines
Sets forth acceptable means of compliance with Part 23 of the Federal Air Regulations (FAR), for approval/certification to use automobile gasoline with or without oxygenates (alcohol, ethers, etc.) in Part 23 airplanes. These procedures also apply to those airplanes approved/certificated under previous regulations superseded by Part 23.
23.562-1 ACE-111 Dynamic Testing of Part 23 Airplane Seat/Restraint Systems and Occupant Protection
Provides information and guidance regarding compliance with Part 23 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) applicable to dynamic testing of airplane seats.
23.607-1 ACE-111 Self-Locking Nuts on Bolts Subject to Rotation
Provides information and guidance concerning compliance with Part 23 for self-locking nuts used on bolts subject to rotation in operation.
26 - 29 of 29 results.
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