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43.9-1F AFS-350 Instructions for Completion of FAA Form 337

This advisory circular (AC) provides instructions for completing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Form 337, Major Repair and Alteration (Airframe, Powerplant, Propeller, or Appliance).

43.13-2B AFS-300 Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Alterations 03-03-2008
43.13-1B AFS-640 Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair [Large AC. This includes Change 1.]

This advisory circular (AC) contains methods, techniques, and practices acceptable to the Administrator for the inspection and repair of nonpressurized areas of civil aircraft, only when there are no manufacturer repair or maintenance instructions. This data generally pertains to minor repairs. The repairs identified in this AC may only be used as a basis for FAA approval for major repairs. The repair data may also be used as approved data, and the AC chapter, page, and paragraph listed in block 8 of FAA form 337 when:

a. the user has determined that it is appropriate to the product being repaired;

b. it is directly applicable to the repair being made; and

c. it is not contrary to manufacturer’s data.

43-214 AFS-300 Repairs and Alterations to Composite and Bonded Aircraft Structure

This advisory circular (AC) provides information and guidance concerning an acceptable means, but not the only means, of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 43, 91, 121, 125, (U.S.-registered airplanes), 135, 137, and 145 regarding procedures and facilities for repairs and alterations of structure consisting of adhesively bonded (including metal bond) and fiber-reinforced materials (e.g., carbon, aramid, and glass-reinforced polymeric materials mentioned in the current edition of AC 20-107, Composite Aircraft Structure). The information in this AC is applicable to repairs and alterations of bonded and composite structure, whether it is a damaged part that can be removed from the airplane for repairs, or repairs and alterations on the aircraft itself. Examples include repair patches, on-wing bonded repairs, and fabrication and bonding of replacement parts. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will consider any other method of compliance that the applicant elects to present. This AC uses mandatory terms such as "must" only in the sense of ensuring the applicability of these particular methods of compliance when using the acceptable means of compliance (AMC) described herein. This AC does not change regulatory requirements and does not authorize changes in, or deviations from, regulatory requirements.

43-213A AFS-300 Parts Marking Identification

This advisory circular (AC) provides information and guidance on developing procedures for part marking and part re-marking when performing maintenance, alteration, and fabrication, including the fabrication of owner- or operator-produced parts.

43-211 AFS-306 Recommended Alternative Inspection Schedule for Socata TBM-700 Aircraft 08-09-2006
43-210 AFS-340 Standardized Procedures for Requesting Field Approval of Data, Major Alterations, and Repairs Describes standardized procedures for requesting field approvals for certificated products. It describes the field approval process, data that supports making an alteration or repair, and the purpose and uses of the Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements (AFMS) and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA). This AC also gives instructions for completing the Field Approval Checklist and shows a sample Compliance Checklist format. 02-17-2004
43-209A AFS-300 Recommended Inspection Procedures for Former Military Aircraft

This advisory circular (AC) is for the development of inspection program requirements for the certification of former military aircraft in the experimental category for the purpose(s) of exhibition and air racing that operate in the United States in accordance with Title 14 of the Federal Code of Regulations (14 CFR) part 21, § 21.191(d) and (e). This AC is not mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. This AC describes an acceptable means, but not the only means, for developing inspection program requirements for former military aircraft.

43-208 AFS-300 Maintenance of Emergency Evacuations Systems for Aircraft Operating Under Part 121 Provides information and guidance for the maintenance of emergency evacuation systems (EES) used on aircraft operating under the provisions of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 121. Additionally, this AC discusses the responsibilities and means of compliance for the air carrier and persons performing maintenance. 04-04-2003
43-207 AFS-340 Correlation, Operation, Design, and Modification of Turbofan/Jet Engine Test Cells Provides guidance regarding test cell correlation procedures for test cells used for in-service acceptance testing of turbofan and turbojet engines. This AC discusses the effects of the design, operation, and modification of a test cell and engine test hardware on engine performance. The AC also provides guidance on conducting, evaluating, and maintaining test cell correlation. Like all advisory material, this AC is not in itself mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues it to describe an acceptable means, but not the only means, for correlating and maintaining a satisfactory correlation status of a test cell. 12-26-2002
43-206 AFS-300 Inspection, Prevention, Control, and Repair of Corrosion on Avionics Equipment AC contains acceptable methods, techniques, and practices for inspection, prevention, control and repair of corrosion on avionic systems and equipment. 05-30-2001
43-205 AFS-340 Guidance for Selecting Chemical Agents and Processes for Depainting and General Cleaning of Aircraft and Aviation Products Describes an acceptable means, but not the only means,, for selecting and testing alternatives to chemical agents and/or processes currently required by some manufacturers’ maintenance instructions, including instructions for continuing airworthiness. 09-25-1998
43-204 AFS-350 Visual Inspection for Aircraft Provides technical information to persons conducting a visual inspection of aircraft. The procedures presented in this AC are an acceptable means, but not the only means, for conducting visual inspections and inspection programs. 08-14-1997
43-18 AFS-300 Fabrication of Aircraft parts by Maintenance Personnel

This advisory circular (AC) ensures that parts fabricated during maintenance and alteration have an equivalent level of safety as those parts produced under the original design holder’s production certificate. This AC provides one means of complying with the requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 21 and 43 for the design and fabrication of parts by persons performing maintenance and alterations using methods, techniques, and practices acceptable to the Administrator. As required by regulations, such parts fabrication and their implementation must be accomplished "in such a manner...that the condition of the aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, or appliance worked on will be at least equal to its original or properly altered condition." This AC is not mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. It outlines one method (but not the only method) of compliance with the rules. A person may elect to follow an alternative method, provided the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finds the alternative method to be an acceptable means of complying with the applicable requirements of 14 CFR.

CHANGE 1 (02-29-2008)


This change updates guidance, including all references related to Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR).

CHANGE 2 (06-07-2011)


This change updates information regarding the fabrication quality control system (FQCS), AC references, and all references related to Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 21.

43-16A AFS-620 General Aviation Maintenance Alerts can be found at: Issued monthly, the Aviation Maintenance Alerts are prepared from information submitted by persons who operate and maintain civil aeronautical products. The Alerts provide a uniform means through which safety and service experience may be interchanged. The intent of this publication is to improve safety and service reliability of aeronautical products. 09-03-1999
43-15 AFS-350 Recommended Guidelines for Instrument Shops Provides guidelines concerning environmental conditions for instrument repair and overhaul shops and information on calibration of test equipment. Provides information on obtaining printed copies of this document or electronic access to it. Provides information on obtaining printed copies of this document or electronic access to it. 08-15-1977
43-14 AFS-350 Maintenance of Weather Radar Radomes Provides guidance material useful to repair facilities in the maintenance of weather radomes. 02-24-1977
43-12A AFS-340 Preventive Maintenance
CHANGE 1 (04-18-2007)
43-11 AFS-340 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul Terminology and Standards
CHANGE 1 (03-30-2007)
43-10C AFS-300 United States—Canadian Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement Maintenance Implementation Procedures

This advisory circular (AC) provides information relating to the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) and accompanying Maintenance Implementation Procedures (MIP) between the United States and Canada. This AC is not mandatory and does not constitute a regulation. This AC presents recommendations for an acceptable means, but not the only means, to comply with the current revision of the MIP.

43-9C AFS-340 Maintenance Records Describes methods, procedures and practices determined to be acceptable for showing compliance with the general aviation maintenance record-making and record-keeping requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 43 and 91. This material is issued for guidance and outlines several methods of compliance with the regulations. 06-08-1998
43-4A AFS-340 Large AC] Corrosion Control for Aircraft Summarizes current available data regarding identification and treatment of corrosive attack on aircraft structure and engine materials. SN 050-007-01044-3. 07-25-1991
43-2B AFS-343 Minimum Barometry for Calibration and Test of Atmospheric Pressure Instruments Provides guidance material which may be used to determine the adequacy of barometers used in the calibration of aircraft static instruments and presents information concerning the general operation, calibration, and maintenance of such barometers. 10-16-1980
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