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65-33 AFS-300 Development of Training/Qualification Programs for Composite Maintenance Technicians

This document is intended as a guideline for organizations to develop a formal training program for qualification of composite technicians. This advisory circular (AC) contains recommendations for the experience, training, qualification, and examination of persons performing maintenance and repair of aircraft composite structures or other aviation composite components. It recommends criteria for the qualification of personnel to be able to understand the technical principles involved in the maintenance and repair of aircraft composites. This document applies to those individuals directly responsible for providing training, supervision, or oversight of composite maintenance personnel. Organizations may use the information contained in this AC to develop a written program describing the guidelines used to train and qualify personnel.This AC provides a means, but not the only means, of developing a composite maintenance training program.

65-30A AFS-305 Overview of the Aviation Maintenance Profession To provide information to prospective airframe and powerplant mechanics and other persons interested in the certification requirements, application procedures, and the mechanic written, oral, and practical tests. 11-09-2001
65-24 AFS-350 Certification of a Repairman (General)
CHANGE 1 (09-11-2007)
65-23A AFS-340 Certification of Repairmen (Experimental Aircraft Builders)

 a. This advisory circular (AC) provides information to builders of experimental aircraft concerning repairman certification.

b. This AC provides an acceptable means of complying with the regulations; however, it is not the only means of compliance. This AC is not mandatory and it does not constitute a regulation. When this AC uses mandatory language (e.g., "must" or "may not") it is paraphrasing a regulatory requirement or prohibition. When this AC uses permissive language (e.g., "should" or "may") it describes an acceptable means, but not the only means, of complying with regulations. However, if you use the means described to comply with a regulatory requirement, you must follow it in all respects.

65-15A AFS-630 Large AC] Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Airframe Handbook

Designed to familiarize student mechanics with airframe construction, repair, and the operating theory of airframe systems. SN 050-007-00391-9

65-5B AFS-630 Parachute Rigger Senior/Master Certification Guide Provides information to persons interested in becoming certificated parachute riggers. Provides information on how to apply for a parachute rigger certificate and ratings, and assists the applicant in preparing for the written, oral, and practical tests. SN 050-007-00805-8 07-25-1988
65-2D AFS-640 Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Certification Guide 01-30-1987

7 results

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