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135.169-1 AIR-110 Small Propeller-Driven Air Taxi Airplanes that meet Sections 135.169 (formerly 135.144) Provides a summary of and information on small propeller-driven air taxi airplanes that comply with section 135.169(b) and may continue operations under FAR 135 with ten or more passenger seats. 09-24-1979
135-13Q AFS-640 FAA Certified Air Carriers Website (Directory) 02-11-2008
135-10A AFS-340 Approved Aircraft Inspection Program Provides information and guidance which can be used to develop an approved aircraft inspection program (AAIP) for operators subject to provisions of FAR Section 135.419. 12-22-1993
135-5B AFS-330 Maintenance Program Approval for Carry-On Oxygen Equipment for Medical Purposes Provides a means whereby air taxi operators may submit a maintenance program to comply with FAR Part 135, Section 135.91. 09-26-1983
135-7A AFS-330 Part 135: Additional Maintenance Requirements for Aircraft Type Certificated for Nine or Less Passenger Seats 03-28-2008
135-14A AFS-250 Emergency Medical Services/Helicopter (EMS/H) Provides information and guidance material which may be used by Air Ambulance and Emergency Medical Service/Helicopter (EMS/H) operators. It must be emphasized that this AC diminishes neither the force nor the effect of the FAR. The regulations, of course, are always controlling. This AC does not interpret the regulations; interpretations are issued only under established national FAA procedures. 06-20-1991
135-15 AFS-250 Emergency Medical Service/Airplane (EMS/A) Provides information and guidance material which may be used by Air Ambulance and Emergency Medical Service/Airplane (EMS/A). These guidelines are applicable to EMS/A operations under FAR Part 135 and are also recommended for EMS operations conducted by public service and other operators. 11-19-1990
135-16 AFS-250 Ground Deicing & Anti-icing Training & Checking This AC provides one means, but not the only means, of complying with FAR Sections 135.227, 135.345, & 135.351 (referred to as the FAR Part 135 ground deicing rule). 12-12-1994
135-17 AFS-250 Pilot Guide - Small Aircraft Ground Deicing (pocket) Contains information and recommendations to assist pilots in conducting ground operations during weather conditions conducive to aircraft icing. Also contains information and guidance regarding deicing and anti-icing fluids and procedures for use and identifies the aircraft critical surfaces which must be free of contamination prior to takeoff. 12-14-1994
135-9 AFS-220 FAR Part 135 Icing Limitations To provide guidance to commuter/air taxi operators to assist them to comply with Section 135.227. 05-30-1981
135-42 AFS-220 Extended Operations (ETOPS) and Operations in the North Polar Area 06-10-2008
135-18 AFS-200 Extended Operations (ETOPS) and Operations in the North Polar Area. 06-10-2008
135-4A ACS-100 Aviation Security: Air Taxi Commercial Operators (ATCO) Provides recommended security measures applicable to ATCO operations that should minimize the effects of crimes directed against air transportation. 04-15-1976
13 results