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Number Office Title Date
170-14 ASM-500 Implementation of 50 kHz/Y Channels for ILS/VOR/DME Advises aircraft owners, operators, and radio equipment manufacturers of the FAA’s continued implementation of 50 kHz/Y or Omnidirectional Range (VOR) frequency assignments. 07-30-1992
170-11 ASM-500 Amendment of Federal Aviation Regulation Part 171 (FAR-171) - Cost of Flight and Ground Inspections Alerts the public to the amendment to FAR Part 171 pertaining to the payment of ground and flight inspection charges prior to the issuance of an approved IFR procedure. 09-17-1970
170-9 ASM-500 Criteria for Acceptance of Ownership and Servicing of Civil Aviation Interest(s) Navigational and Air Traffic Control Systems and Equipment Contains a revised FAA policy under which the FAA accepts conditional ownership of equipment and systems from civil aviation interests, without the use of Federal funds, and operates, maintains, and provides the logistic support of such equipment. 11-26-1968
170-6C ASM-500 Use of Radionavigation Land Test Station and Signal Generators Gives information as to the frequencies on which the FAA will authorize and the FCC will license radionavigation land test stations. It also discusses the interference potential of signal generators operating in aeronautical bands of the radio spectrum and how this interference can be alleviated. 02-13-1981
4 results