Cabin Safety Air Carrier Operating Bulletins (ACOB)

ACOB Number Subject
202 Service of Alcoholic Beverages (PDF)
203 Number of F/A at the gate (PDF)
204 Distribution of F/ADistribution of F/A (PDF)
205 Duty Assignment, non-required F/A's (PDF)
206 Supernumerary Personnel (PDF)
207 Pre-departure Equipment Checks (PDF)
208 Routine Operation of Doors on Wide-bodied Jets (PDF)
209 Upright position of Seat Backs (PDF)
210 Protruding Arm rests (PDF)
211 Carry-on Baggage (PDF)
212 Stowage of Galley Service Items (PDF)
213 Potential Problems associated with Food and Beverage Service (PDF)
214 Problems with Lower Lobe Galleys (PDF)
215 Standup Bars (PDF)
216 Crew communication During Hazardous conditions of Flight (PDF)
217 Fire Prevention (PDF)
218 Brace for Impact Positions (PDF)
219 Door/slide arming (PDF)
220 Operating Experience (PDF)
221 Training for Evacuations (PDF)
222 Training for Evacuation Demonstrations (PDF)
223 Training on Conditions Following an Accident (PDF)
224 Training on Flotation Equipment (PDF)
225 Training on Chemical Oxygen Generators (PDF)
226 Time Management (PDF)
227 Restraint during crash and Second Choice Exits (PDF)
228 Passenger Seat Belt Discipline (PDF)
229 Training on the use of cockpit emergency equipment (PDF)
230 Training on PBE and fires (PDF)
231 Cabin Safety Training (PDF)
232 Emergency Medical Kits (PDF)
305 Use of Forward Cargo Door for Evacuations (PDF)
404 Evacuation Escape Route Overwing Exit DC-9 (PDF)
508 Lifelines - DC-8 (PDF)
824 Actions Relative to Turbulence (PDF)
905 Approval of Items in the First Aid Kits (PDF)
907 Guidelines for Training on Aircraft Tailcones and Approval of Tailcone Training Devices (PDF)
911 Procedures for Training for Emergency evacuations (PDF)
913 Demonstrations of Portability of slide/rafts (PDF)
915 Carry-on Baggage Restraint (PDF)
928 Crewmember Procedures for Assessing Damage (PDF)
930 Adding Passenger preparation of cockpit Check list (PDF)
940 Care of Surviving Passengers (PDF)
945 Lifeline Provisions (PDF)
947 Crewmember Training on Use of Mockups (PDF)
949 Use of Child Restraint (PDF)
959 Crewmember Survival Training (PDF)
966 Cabin fluorescent Light Ballast Fires (PDF)
979 Emergency Situations being called to Captain's attention (PDF)
982 DHC closet loading limits (PDF)
992 Accident notification procedures (PDF)