Safety Management System

Specifics by Aviation Industry Type

The information in this section is tailored to the unique characteristics of each major service provider type. Your organization may span sectors, so more than one of the following may apply to you. Each respective link offers detailed information about SMS, as it applies to your particular operational environment. Contact information can be found on each sector-specific page.

Information in this section is provided for the following groups:

Provider Description
SMS for 121 Operators Air Carriers operating under part 121
Non-Part 121 Operators, MROs, Training Organizations Air Carriers, Air Taxi, Air Tour, Maintenance, Repair Stations, Non-Certificated Repair Facilities, Flight Schools, Simulator Facilities, etc. (FAA Oversight by Flight Standards)
Design and Manufacturing Organizations Design Approval Holders, Suppliers, Production Certificate Holders, PMA, TC Holders Producing under TC (FAA Oversight by; Aircraft Certification, Manufacturing Inspection District Offices (MIDO), Aircraft Engineering Group (AEG)
Airports Airports
Air Traffic Air Navigation, Airway Facilities

Last updated: Wednesday, November 17, 2021