Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Security

ASH supports the safe and secure integration of UAS into the National Airspace System (NAS) by addressing security, investigations, and hazardous materials safety needs. As the UAS security lead within the FAA, ASH provides the vision and direction for the Agency on UAS security matters, and serves as the primary interface with key stakeholders. These stakeholders include Congress, federal security partners, law enforcement and public safety agencies, industry associations, manufacturers of UAS and counter-UAS systems, universities, international partners, and owners/operators of key fixed site and critical infrastructure.

Under the Office of National Security Programs and Incident Response, ASH is responsible for:

  • Advancing National UAS security by anticipating and addressing security partners’ requirements, while preserving the safety, efficiency, and public access to the NAS.
  • Conducting outreach and engagement with stakeholders on UAS security matters.
  • Supporting stakeholders with UAS enforcement and compliance actions.
  • Conducting research to inform UAS security policy, rulemaking and security initiatives.

Last updated: Wednesday, July 13, 2022