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Archived Notices for FAAO JO 7110.65

Air Traffic Control

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GENOT/Notices for Air Traffic Control
Effective Subject
  • Document Change Proposal(s)
N JO 7110.777 (PDF) 09/10/2020

Emergency Autoland System

JO 7110.65Y
Incorporated into Change 3
N JO 7110.776 (PDF) 07/01/2020

Supervisory Notification of Suspicious UAS Activity

JO 7110.778
Guidance Extended via N JO 7110.778
N JO 7110.774 (PDF) 04/20/2020

Operational Priority for MEDEVAC Flights

JO 7110.65Y
N JO 7110.773 (PDF) 04/16/2020

ATC Surveillance Source Use and Minima

JO 7110.65Y
N JO 7110.771 (PDF) 12/16/2019

ATC Surveillance Source Use and Minima

JO 7110.773
N JO 7110.770 (PDF) 01/02/2020

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Related Changes

JO 7110.65Y
Incorporated in Change 1
N JO 7110.768 (PDF) 01/08/2020

Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service (HIWAS)

JO 7110.65Y
N JO 7110.767 (PDF) 10/15/2019

Separation Minima During Commercial Space Launch and Reentry Operations

JO 7110.65Y
Incorp into Change 1
N JO 7110.766 (PDF) 09/23/2019

Landing Clearance (Wrong Surface Landings)

JO 7110.65Y

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