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Aerospace Medicine Technical Reports

The Aerospace Medicine Technical Reports index is a listing of aviation research reports from 1961 to the present. The reports are available in full-text Adobe PDF format to view and download.

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Index to FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine Reports:
1961 through 2017
, Full Text (PDF)

Index of International Publications in Aerospace Medicine,
Abstract, Full Text (PDF)

Aerospace Medical Certification Statistical Handbook

Though the Medical Certification Statistical Handbooks listed below are not considered OAM technical reports, the handbooks are included on this page for the purpose of consistency.

1966-1981 1983-1998
1966 (PDF) 1983 (PDF)
1967 (PDF) 1986 (PDF)
1968 (PDF) 1988 (PDF)
1971 (PDF) 1991 (PDF)
1972 (PDF) 1992 (PDF)
1973 (PDF) 1993 (PDF)
1976 (PDF) 1994 (PDF)
1977 (PDF) 1997 (PDF)
1978 (PDF) 1998 (PDF)
1981 (PDF)

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