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Executive Positions

Executives meeting informally around a laptop.

The Federal Aviation Administration Executive System (FAES) is comprised of the top echelon of senior management at FAA. Ideal candidates for FAES positions are executives with proven track records managing large workforces in dynamic environments. These opportunities are classified into three groups:

Assistant and Associate Administrators who report directly to the FAA Administrator and provide corporate strategic vision and leadership. FAA Officers foster alliances with industry and governments at all levels and ensure integration of priorities, programs and resources to meet our mission and goals.
Executives lead FAA staff organizations and programs. They make up the first level of corporate leadership and are the link between the Administrator's Officers and the operational program staff. FAA Executives are responsible for establishing business plans, setting measurable outcomes and adjusting resources in different FAA organizations.
Senior Professionals
Senior Professionals provide world-class expertise, research and development in unique scientific and technical subject matter areas, occasionally supervising small groups of subordinate technical employees.


The FAA Executive Compensation Plan covers all non-political Officers, Executives and Senior Professionals. Executives are assigned to one of three Compensation Bands to reflect rank and role. Each band is eligible for different aspects of compensation:

Band 1:
Positions with broad responsibility for short- and long-term external service development and delivery. Includes Assistant and Associate Administrators and heads of designated major organizations.
Band 2:
Positions with shorter term or more narrowly defined responsibility, including most Executive positions.
Band 3:
Senior Professional positions.

Base Salary

Each band's base salary falls in a set range. Salary ranges do not include locality pay, which is computed separately as a percent of salary, and is added to base salary. Base salary plus locality pay cannot exceed the current legislative cap of $185,100.

Base salary by compensation band
Band Base Salary Range
1 $136,900 - $185,900
2 $129,700 - $182,500
3 $122,700 - $180,300

Annual Adjustments

An annual base salary increase may be considered if you successfully meet all the expectations of your position for the year. You may be considered for a larger base salary increase if performance has been significantly above your peers — a Superior Contribution Increase (SCI). The SCI varies by individual but provides high performers with a superior recognition of contributions when combined with the annual adjustment.

Short-Term Incentives

Short-Term Incentives (STI) are rewards for leading the achievement of annual, predetermined agency and Line of Business goals and outcomes. All Executives and Senior Professionals are assigned to an individual STI plan. The target incentives vary depending on the position.

Other Parts of the Executive Compensation Plan

  • Executives and Senior Professionals may also receive cash awards to recognize unplanned but highly significant contributions. Salary offset policies exist for those receiving dual compensation (e.g., re-employed annuitants).
  • Executives who have had to move to another location within five years of retirement may be eligible for "last move home" benefits under FAA Travel Policy regulations.


Benefits for FAES members are the same as those of other Federal Executives. For a summary of all benefits for full-time employees, please see go to Pay & Benefits.

Position Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the leadership and technical requirements when applying for executive positions. Each requirement must be individually addressed. To give us specific information about your achievements, we recommend using a Challenge-Context-Action-Result Model to describe the challenges you've faced in your career. Read more about how to address position requirements.

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Diversity and Inclusion

FAA's mission of safe and efficient flight is one that affects all Americans. It is crucial that we grow and maintain a workforce featuring a variety of perspectives.

More about diversity and inclusion

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