Airmen Certification

Student Pilot Replacement

If you hold a valid (not expired) student pilot certificate, you may request a plastic certificate replacement. There are two ways to replace the certificate:

Additional information

  • 14 CFR → Chapter 1 → Subchapter D → Part 61 → Subpart C–Student Pilots
    • §61.81: Applicability
    • §61.83: Eligibility requirements for student pilots
    • §61.85: Application
    • §61.87: Solo requirements for student pilots
    • §61.89: General limitations
    • §61.93: Solo cross-country flight requirements
    • §61.94: Student pilot seeking a sport pilot certificate or a recreational pilot certificate: Operations at airports within, and in airspace located within, Class B, C, and D airspace, or at airports with an operational control tower in other airspace
    • §61.95: Operations in Class B airspace and at airports located within Class B airspace.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our office.

If you need to apply for a student pilot certificate because your certificate is expired or you never held one, visit the IACRA portal and register as an “Applicant”.

Last updated: Friday, June 24, 2022