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While a Laser is Small in Size, its Impact on Pilots is Huge!

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While a Laser is Small in Size, its Impact on Pilots is Huge!WASHINGTONThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) remains vigilant in bringing awareness to the misuse of lasers when pointed towards aircraft. The FAA recorded more than 6,000 incidents in 2019, compared to 5,663 reports in 2018.

Although laser pointers are fun to play with, lasers can be dangerous when pointed towards the sky. Lasers are appropriate in classrooms or in the workplace, but not near the clouds. Negligently aiming lasers pose a safety threat to pilots.

The FAA and law enforcement agencies continue to inform the public of the dangers posed by lasers, and the legal consequences. Please see our video about the dangers of lasers and for additional information, see our fact sheet.


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