FAA and Airports Get Ready for Winter Weather

Thursday, November 18, 2021

snow equipment on airport runwayAs winter weather approaches, the FAA is working with airports to make sure airport operations remain safe. These winter preparations are the subject of the Preparing for Airport Winter Operations video and CertAlert No. 21-06, both of which help airports and aviation stakeholders get ready for winter weather. 

Snow and ice control are often a complex, dynamic, and demanding endeavor. It requires vigilance and a heightened sense of awareness by all stakeholders. The video and the CertAlert highlight the importance of communication and operational best practices. They also provide airport operators and stakeholders key points of awareness during winter operations. This includes essential training to deal with deteriorating or changing conditions, reduced visibility and overall situational awareness, such as receiving runway clearance before removing snow and ice. 

Airport operators should share the CertAlert and video to help airport employees and others better prepare for winter operations and its associated challenges.

In addition to safety resources, the FAA provides funding to support winter operations at the nation’s airports through the Airport Improvement Program. These grants pay for snow removal vehicles, plows, snow blowers, deicing equipment and snow melters. Grant funding also may be used to construct, modify, or expand snow removal buildings to house the equipment. In 2021, 100 airports received a total of $64.8 million for snow removal equipment.