The FAA Announces Season 2 of Its Podcast The Air Up There!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Washington, DC --- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) kicks off the second season of its The Air Up There podcast with a bonus episode discussing the FAA’s role in the transportation of the COVID-19 vaccine. During the new season, which runs through the summer of 2021, the agency will cover topics including commercial space transportation, drone package delivery, and how to start a career in aviation and aerospace.

The Air Up There first aired last fall with three of the season’s seven episodes highlighting the important role of aviation in responding to the global pandemic. Another episode focused on how the nation’s air traffic control system works, the role of aviation in wildfires and another on how drones can be used for the good of others. The season’s final podcast episode, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson talked about the path that led him to aviation.

In addition to the bonus episode, the upcoming season of The Air Up There will be packed with stories on drone package deliveries and what’s next on the horizon for commercial space in the near future. We’ll also look at how the FAA works with conservation specialists to make sure the agency is taking the right steps to keep the National Airspace System safe, whether it’s by avoiding a bird strike or keeping alligators off the runway. 

Listen to season one and stay tuned for season two here, as well as on popular podcast apps.