FAA Launches Controller 'Stand Up for Safety' Campaign

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

WASHINGTON — The FAA is launching a monthly “Stand Up for Safety” series to provide mandatory special emphasis training for its controller workforce.  
The effort, which will be held in collaboration with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, will focus on relevant safety topics aimed at strengthening the proficiency of controllers in all FAA facilities. The in-person briefings begin in July.  
“To reach our goal of zero close calls, everyone must stay sharp,” said Tim Arel, FAA’s Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer. “This training will give us an opportunity to focus on safety with our entire workforce.” 
While data and seasonal challenges will determine topics each month, initial topics will include airfield safety to help cover several items to reduce events on the surface. The campaign kickoff will also include Voluntary Safety Reporting Program training to identify potential safety hazards and ensure corrective actions are taken.  
In March, the FAA hosted a safety summit with industry and aerospace safety leaders. Since then, the agency has issued a safety alert, increased supervisor presence during peak traffic and invested $100 million to reduce the risk of incursions at 12 key airports. The agency has also set a new goal of zero close calls, building on the aviation community’s success of driving the risk of a fatal plane crash to nearly zero.