FAA Seeks Comments from the Public for Environmental Review of O’Hare Airport Terminal Project

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

CHICAGO -- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will seek comments from the public as it begins an Environmental Assessment to evaluate a multi-billion dollar O’Hare International Airport project proposed by the Chicago Department of Aviation. The proposed project involves the airport’s terminal area, numerous capital improvement projects and hotel development. In addition, as part of the assessment, the FAA is proposing to permanently implement offset flight approach procedures at O’Hare for Runway 10R/28L to keep aircraft safely separated from other approaching aircraft on a parallel runway .

First Step of Scoping

This initial assessment step, called scoping, determines whether a proposed project has the potential to significantly affect the environment. That finding helps to determine whether the project requires an Environmental Impact Statement or if a Finding of No Significant Impact can be issued for the proposed project.

The FAA will involve the public throughout the scoping process by seeking input to define the range of environmental issues to study in the Environmental Assessment. The FAA also coordinates and consults with federal, state, and tribal agencies and with local officials throughout the entire process.

Detailed FAA Videos

The FAA has developed a detailed set of videos that provide a description of the proposed projects and directions on how the public can participate in the scoping process.

The videos are located on the FAA web site.

Public Comments

The 45-day comment period for the online materials and videos will run from May 25th to July 9th, 2021. Scoping comments will be accepted on all topics. However, the agency is most interested in public comments on the following topics:

  • The proposed airport projects,
  • The scope of analysis in the Environmental Assessment,
  • Options other than the proposed projects, such as design variations to the proposal, using transportation options other than aviation, or not acting on the project at all.

Comments can be submitted online through the FAA web site, via email to TAPandATEA@faa.gov, via voice mail at 847-294-7354, or through U.S. mail post office to:

Ms. Amy Hanson
Federal Aviation Administration
2300 East Devon Avenue
Room 320
Des Plaines, IL 60018

Comments must be postmarked or submitted online or via email or voicemail by midnight Central Daylight Time on the evening of July 9, 2021.

After the comment period ends, the FAA will prepare a Draft Environmental Assessment and the public also will have an opportunity to comment on that document.