Know Before You Go – Make a Safe Landing with Arrival Alert Notices

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Continuing its efforts to improve safety on the nation’s runways, the FAA is informing pilots of an easily accessible safety tool called Arrival Alert Notice (AAN). AAN is a planning and awareness tool to help pilots avoid lining up to land on a wrong taxiway, runway or airport.

“This add-on to our From the Flight Deck series is one of the many proactive steps we are taking to address runway safety and help pilots remain vigilant,” said Jeffrey Planty, vice president for FAA Safety & Technical Training.

General Aviation pilots account for 83 percent of wrong-surface events, with commercial pilots making up the remainder. As part of pre-flight planning, a pilot can access the tool, pull up a map of a select airport, and get an aerial view of the airport’s surface and other important safety information.

In 2022, the FAA began testing the tool and found AANs to be effective in mitigating risks associated with wrong-surface landings. Learn more about AAN and view a map of available locations here. See the Arrival Alert Notice From the Flight Deck video and fact sheet.