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Advisory Circulars (ACs)

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Advisory Circulars (ACs) search results
Number Title Status Office Date
145-10 Repair Station Training Program w/ Change 1

Provides information on developing the repair station employee training program required under 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 145, section 145, 163, categories of training, training program components, and sample training programs.

Active AFS-300 2005-07-08
145-2 Repair Station Limited Ratings Beech 18 Series Aircraft

Advises of a required limited repair station rating to perform X-ray inspection of the Beech 18 wing and center section spar, and of the procedures for application.

Active AFS-340 1976-04-21
145-4A Inspection, Retread, Repair, and Alterations of Aircraft Tires - Including Change 2

Provides guidance for the development, qualification, and approval of aircraft tire repair and retread process specifications, and the use of special nondestructive inspection (NDI) techniques.

Active AFS-309 2006-07-10
145-11A Repair Station Guidance for Compliance with the Safety Agreement between the United States and the European Union

This advisory circular (AC) provides information and guidance regarding a repair station located in the United States obtaining, renewing, or amending a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-145 approval and an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) located within the European Union (EU) obtaining, renewing, or amending a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair station certificate under the provisions of the U.S.

Active AFS-300 2012-11-28
145-5 Repair Station Internal Evaluation Programs - with Change 1

Provides information and guidance material that may be used by repair station certificate holders, operating under FAR Part 145, to design and implement an Internal Evaluation Program.

Active AFS-350 1995-09-27
145-9A Guide for Developing and Evaluating Repair Station and Quality Control Manuals

This advisory circular (AC) provides informational material for all repair station certificate holders and/or applicants under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 145 to develop and evaluate a Repair Station Manual (RSM) and Quality Control Manual (QCM).

Active AFS-300 2017-10-06