Office of the Chief Counsel
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20591
(202) 267-3199/3473 Telephone
(202) 267-5769 Fax
AGC Phone Directory
Name Position
  Daphne A. Fuller Assistant Chief Counsel
  Hans I. E. Bjornson Senior Attorney
  Christopher Huch Program Analyst
Airports Law Branch
  Beth Newman Senior Attorney
  Jesse Di Gregory Attorney
  Rob A. Hawks Attorney
  Sharon D. Long Paralegal Specialist
Environmental Law Branch
  Eric M. Elmore Manager
  Scott E. Mitchell Senior Attorney
  Lisa Cooke Attorney
  Kendolyn Hodges-Simons Attorney
  Gail C. Orendorff Attorney
  Judith Walker Attorney
  Lois Yoshida Attorney
  Joseph L. Manalili Senior Attorney - AIP (located in AWP-7)
  David M. Cohen Attorney - AIP (located in AEA-7)
  Patricia A. Deem Attorney - AIP (located in ANM-7)
  Michael Fineman Attorney - AIP (located in ASO-7)
  Jessica L Rankin Attorney - AIP (located in AWP-7)
  Derek L. Stotts Attorney - AIP (located in ASO-7)
  Lemuel Thomas Attorney - AIP (located in ASW-7)
  Patrick J. Wells Attorney - AIP (located in AGL-7)