Information Law Division

The Assistant Chief Counsel for Information Law (AGC-400) serves as the principal legal officer and legal expert for the Agency in all matters relating to information law, including provision of legal counsel, advice, training, and litigation services that fall under 400’s legal practice areas. The Information Law Division reports directly to the Deputy Chief Counsel (AGC-2), and consists of three major practices: 1) Information Law; 2) Intellectual Property Law; and 3) Aviation Registry Law.

The Information Law practice addresses legal issues related to Freedom of Information Act, privacy, Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs, information collections, records management, including the implementation of new information systems and collaborative data management, and the Federal Advisory Committee Act.  The Intellectual Property Law practice area addresses legal issues pertaining to patents, copyright, and trademarks, technology transfer (including cooperative research and development agreements (CRADA) and licenses), and data rights strategy.  The Aviation Registry Law practice provides legal advice and services in aircraft and airmen registration, including, but not limited to, legal opinions to relevant registry stakeholders, legal review of registration applications and proposed registration transaction structures in compliance with statutes and regulations, and other legal advice pertaining to data collection and management by the airmen and aircraft registry.

Last updated: Thursday, April 20, 2023