Airports and Environmental Law

The Airports and Environmental Law practice area provides legal advice on all airport matters and on environmental matters for all lines of business.

The Environmental Law practice area supports the following areas:

We provide legal advice and support to the Agency on environmental matters and help develop Agency environmental policy. We also review and analyze Agency environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, and other environmental documents for major infrastructure projects, airport development projects, and projects proposed to enhance safety and efficiency in the national airspace system. 

The Airports Law practice area supports the following programs:

We represent the FAA in administrative proceedings concerning airport grant assurance compliance. We also provide legal support to the Airport Civil Rights Programs (Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Americans with Disabilities Act, Limited English Proficiency, Environmental Justice, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise).

Finally, the Airports and Environmental Law practice area works closely with the U.S. Department of Justice to represent the FAA in federal court litigation concerning airport and environmental matters. We also support rulemaking on airport and environmental law matters and provide legal support for airport noise compatibility planning and the national program for review of airport noise and access restrictions under the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990.

Last updated: Wednesday, October 04, 2023