Explanations and terminology/abbreviation tables corresponding to each column of the report are provided below.

Case Number

Beginning with the reports for calendar year 1999, the case number for each enforcement action will be listed in this column. The case number is the number of the enforcement investigative report for that enforcement action.


The name of the aviation entity is listed in this column. The entity ordinarily holds an FAA-issued certificate and, in those cases, the name in the column is the name of the certificate holder recorded in the FAA's official records.

Entity Type

The following are explanations of the abbreviation that are used in this column of the report:

abbreviations used in this column of the report:
Entity Type
Abbreviation Explanation
A/C or COMM OPER An air carrier or a commercial operator is an entity that engages in the carriage by aircraft of persons or property for compensation or hire.
AGRI OPR Agricultural Operator
AIRCRAFT PROD Aircraft Production
APPROVD REPAIR STA Approved Repair Station
CERTIFICATE SCHOOL Certificated School
COMP PROD Component Production
EXT LOAD External Load Rotorcraft
FOREIGN AIR CAR Foreign air carrier
TRAVEL CLUB Travel club

Date Known

The date a violation became known to the FAA is listed in this column.


The type of legal enforcement action taken is listed in this column. The following are explanations of theabbreviations used in this column of the report:

Abbreviation Explanation
CERTIFICATE SUSPENSION Certificate Suspension under 49 U.S.C. § 44709
CERTIFICATE REVOCATION Certificate revocation under 49 U.S.C. § 44709
CIVIL PENALTY Civil Penalty Letter
CP COMPROMIS NO FINDING Civil Penalty Compromise Order, No Findings of Violation
ORD ASSESS CIVIL PENALTY Order Assessing Civil Penalty
ORD ASSESS CP HMT Order Assessing Civil Penalty for a violation of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act or regulations

Sanction Amount

This column contains the amount of dollars of a civil penalty or the number of days for a certificate suspension. The column is blank in the case of a certificate revocation or a certificate suspension of indefinite duration.

Sanction Amount
Sanction Explanation
"Consolidated Case" & "Master" indicates that the case is one of a number of cases that were closed together. The sanction attributable to the case is part of the sanction amount listed with another, "master" case of the same certificate holder that was closed on the same date. The "master" case is listed above the case(s) labeled as consolidated.
"Days" indicates that the number in the Final Amount column reflects a certificate suspension for the specified number of days
"Dollars" indicates that the number in the Final Amount column reflects a civil penalty
"Indefinite duration" reflects that a certificate has been suspended indefinitely pending demonstration that the certificate holder meets the standards required to hold its certificate.
"Revocation" indicates certificate revocation
"Sanction waived" indicates that the FAA has agreed not to impose against the aviation entity the corresponding number of days or dollars in the Sanction Amount Column. In cases where some sanction is waived, the total amount of sanction against the aviation entity equals the amount of sanction waived plus the amount of sanction listed directly above it.

Case Type

This column lists a category of violation or apparent violation that was primarily involved in the case. Following are explanations of the violation categories used in the report:

Case Type
Category Explanation
AIRCRAFT ALTR Aircraft Alterations
ARPT OPN/INSP Airport Operations/Self inspection
ARPT SURF/SAFE Airport Surfaces/Safety Areas
CRASH/FIRE/RES Crash, Fire, and Rescue
FLT OPNS Flight operations
HAZ AIR NAV Hazard to Air Navigation
HAZ PER/PROP Hazardous to persons or property on the surface
HAZ MAT Hazardous Materials
INTFR CREW Interference with Crewmember
NEAR MID-AIR Near Mid-air
OBSTRUCT/LGTNG Obstructions/Lighting
QUAL CONTROL Quality control
RECORDS/RPTS Records and reports
TRNG-FLT CREW Training, Flight Crew
TRNG-OTHER Training, other than flight crew
TSO Technical Standard Order
TYPE DESGN DATA Type Design Data

The category "Other" could include violations such as a certificate holder's failure to surrender a certificate or an air carrier's allowing a person who appears to be intoxicated to board its aircraft. The field inspector has the discretion to determine the case type or category of the violation.

Closed Date

This column contains the date that final action was taken or, if a case went through the full appeals process, the date the decision was issued. The cases are listed in chronological order based on closing date from the beginning to end of a quarter.

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