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The William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC), is the aviation's premiere research, development, engineering, test and evaluation facility. If you have any questions regarding the WJHTC that cannot be answered below please submit your question to the mailbox.  A Visitor Program Team Representative will respond to your submission.

To gain access to the Center, visitors must go to the Security Operations Center (SOC), Building 320, located near the main entrance to the Center to obtain a temporary visitor badge. The security contractor will attempt to locate your point of contact prior to granting access. Call (609) 485-5210 for more access information. The SOC is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm only.

The Technical Center is open to the public from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except all Federal holidays.

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Visitor Access Requirements

All Visitors

All visitors must check in with the FAA Security Operations Center, and shall be transported by the FAA Shuttle Bus or escorted by a Tech Center employee. Visitors must be sponsored by an FAA employee or FAA contractor, have a sanctioned reason for the visit, produce current government-issued photo identification that has an expiration date, sign in on a visitor's log, be under continuous escort by personnel possessing valid FAA ID media, and properly display an FAA visitor badge while at the facility.

International Visitors

Foreign Visitors must have an FAA employee submit a visit request through the FAA's automated IVP.

This request is processed through AXF (Personnel Security) and approved by the Facility Manager, and generally takes 7-10 days to process.

NOTE: If the visitor has status as a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) and holds a Green Card, per 1600.69C; visits by legal permanent residents are not processed through the IVP. The individual must be vetted by the SSE to make sure that their status is valid. LPRs are processed via the DHS SAVE database available to AXF.

The foreign visitor's information can be forwarded to Laura Gorman ( and Kara Pozza ( (AXF) for processing, and in turn will be forwarded to Michael Sears (Facility Manager) for approval.

Information needed:

  • Copy of green card (via secure email, encrypted)
  • Sponsor information
  • Purpose of visit
  • Time and length of visit
  • Where visiting

Directions to the Technical Center

Last updated: Friday, May 24, 2024