Target Generation Facility

The Target Generation Facility (TGF) is a Dynamic Real-Time Air Traffic Simulation capability designed to generate realistic Aircraft trajectories and associated digital radar messages for aircraft in a simulated airspace environment. Up to 600 targets (400 piloted) can be generated in one or more concurrent simulation environments. Multiple Terminal, En-Route, and Oceanic airspaces may be simulated individually or simultaneously. The TGF capability is fully integrated. Simultaneous simulations in different environments and in different laboratories at the William J. Hughes Technical Center can be supported and can run concurrently. Primarily, TGF is used to generate real time, interactive traffic in support of human in the loop simulations. Realistic traffic flows and voice communications are created in real time by pilots operating the simulated TGF 'aircraft' in response to air traffic control instructions.

All major Air Traffic laboratories of the Technical Center are supported including the En-Route DSR Laboratories, the Stars Terminal Laboratories, En-Route Integration and Interoperability Facility (IIF) and the Research Development and Human Factors Laboratory (RDHFL). The Simulation facility can be adapted to mimic existing facilities as ZDCZOBZIDDCA PHLNY TRACON etc., generic facilities such as GENERA and future concepts such as DRVSM (now implemented), NY Redesign, East Coast. TGF also has its own display capability including high fidelity emulation of DSR displays for scenario shakedown, or independent studies on a smaller scale basis.

Last updated: Wednesday, April 6, 2022